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Welcome to GoGoMum™️

GoGoMum™ is the creation of mothers. It’s born with a very specific goal in mind-Never lose or mix your kids' clothes. We offer the most suitable, comfortable, and safe products for your littler ones and you.

Make Life Easier

Name Stamp-Ultimate Mom Hack 👍

Losing or having trouble keeping track of your kids’ clothes at school, daycare, or home?

GoGoMum™ name stamps let you stamp their clothes in one sencond! Whether your child is an infant, attending nursery, kindergarten, preschool or primary school, our stamps will help you with all of your daily parenting tasks.


Moms and Dads are pretty dang cool, it’s time we let people know!👏

This Hat is perfect gift for a proud mama 、Dad 💓

Your Purchase Helps Children

You Shop, We Give

In 2019, we visited Africa, and witnessed the hardships that childeren faced.Wanting to help, we created GoGoMum™, by donating 10% of the profits to African Children Funds.

We together can make a difference and create a better world for the future generation ❤️

I love name stamp! It’s so easy to use and it is clear and easy to read! So cute and customizable. Worth every penny. Thank You GoGoMum.Stamping these on all of my daughters clothes for school.
We used our hats for our pregnancy announcement and everything turned out great!We loved how these turned out!
Fantastic little stamp. Lots of ink. Will be very helpful when the daycare starts up again.
The Name Stamp Review from Cindy

The Name Stamp Review from Cindy

Are you looking for the ultimate mum hack? Then wait no more.I bought them for school uniform, and that is probably the sole purpose of why I got these because I am not a sewer, this for me is a win. 
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Best Name Stamp for Clothes

Best Name Stamp for Clothes

#1 Best Name Stamp For Clothes.In the modern day, the art of stamping cloths is becoming a common practice. Name stamps are a perfect way to customize and personalize items such as clothes.This piece will provide you with an insight into the best name stamp for clothes. 
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the name stamp review

Animal Stamps Review

These animal stamps are good for kids,like if you have younger kids where you label each and everything you send with them to school. So that if they lose, just in case, their name is on those items. 
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