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 Crayola Ultimate Light Board christmas gift for kids

Reviews of Crayola Ultimate Light Board|LED Light Up Drawing Surface|Gift for Kids

Light Board for Kids Gift

Crayola Ultimate Light Board Christmas Gift for Kids

Now your artwork can really shine.Here with the Crayola ultimate light board, use the six gel effects markers to draw right on the board's translucent surface,and then turn on the board to activate.This is way awesome and perfect for kids and adults! Super fun to use during the day and at night in the dark!


Reviews of LED Light Up Drawing

Children Drawing Tools

The built-in LED is a cool way to display your work,the effect looks really cool when used in a darkened room. The lights function in three modes, solid light blinking and a fading in that pattern.


trace something

LED Light Up Drawing Surface Gift for Kids

You can also remove the back panel,and you can put coloring sheets inside, so you can see through the whole board to trace something.Actually you can also actually draw on both sides of it ,you can play tic-tac-toe with your friends.


LED Light Up Drawing Surface Birthday Gift for Kids

When you're done just wipe the board clean with a damp cloth or paper towel.


Reviews of Crayola Ultimate Light Board Gift Ideas for children

And the markers can be stored on the back of the unit.Three double A batteries are required. 


Crayola Ultimate Light Board LED Surface Presents for Children

And then it also has these little feet so that you can either use it as a lap desk or you can stand it up to display.This is a really cool surface for kids to write draw and color on. They like seeing their creations glow with the LED lights and putting their artwork where their free hand or traced on display.Hands down the best art gift a kid could have.


LED Light Up Drawing Surface Gift for Kids

LED Light Up Drawing Surface Gift for Kids


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