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TOP 15+ Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Children|Xmas Presents|Gift for Kids

TOP 15+ Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Children|Xmas Presents|Gift for Kids

Christmas is coming soon and we are going to show you the hottest toys for the holiday season this year,also birthday gift ideas for kids and best gift guides for all ages this season.

1、Janell my baby elephant-Amazing interactive toy for kids

Janell my baby elephant

Janell my baby elephant                anell my baby elephant

Janell my baby elephant will delight kids with over 100 lifelike sounds and movements.You can teach her to eat play and even do tricks with a peanut.Her personality will develop depending on how much time you spend playing with her.The trunk looks like it has a mind.The sounds it makes are pleasant, including little sweet songs. Juno will put herself to sleep when you don’t play with her,she covers her eyes with her ears. Very realistic looking, her eyes blink, her ears flap, her tail wiggles. Too cool.It’s really charming and seems to have a lot of different things. It does to keep your child’s attention.If your kid likes animatronic animals, I highly suggest this.


Linkimals children gifts ideas

Linkimals             Linkamals are interactive toys

Linkamals are interactive toys that teaches young children counting colors letters and so much more.They can also link together to create a music and light show.These super creepy little linkamals are really fun for the kids.Your baby will adore this toy.Highly recommended!

3、Bloom Dolls

Bloom dolls for girls

Bloom dolls have been very popular in 2019.Just add a little water and a doll will pop up right out of the top of the container.You never know which one you get until you water it.This toy is pretty adorable.Definitely a cool new little toy for the kids who like blind bags, Shopkins, and other little toys like that!!Your children want more for Christmas.

4、The Treasure-seekers Pirate Ship

holiday gift ideas for young boy             the treasure-seekers pirate ship

The treasure-seekers pirate ship will hit high seas with songs adventures and two modes of play.It has an octopus a treasure chest and a cannon with realistic sound effects.This item is really wonderful as a gift! Be this a pirate ship or a giant shark? Actually it’s both! Those crafty pirate scallywags have disguised their ship to look just like a shark. To protect your treasure from blackbeard and his raiders, push on a Power Pad to capture attackers in one BIG shark bite! Still more coming? Turn another Power Pad to aim the cannon and fire – or push button on launcher to send projectiles flying! Now it’s all hands on deck for more high-seas adventures!

 5、Stem Toys

Stem Toys

Stem toys will be a hot item this Christmas with all kinds of cars and Robots that you can build yourself.You can program them to do an impressive assortment of tasks.This is a great tool to support STEM education,just enough lights/noises/motion to make your children laugh, and challenging enough that keeps coming back to it. You will be playing with this game for a long time.

6、The Boppi Shakin Llama

The boppi shaking lama child present

The boppi shaking lama will put a smile on your kid's face with her dance moves.Boppy will spin around and shake her head to three toe-tapping songs.This toy is the cutest thing ever. Your child will love dancing with this llama. Its even soft. I think you should buy one for Christmas.

7、The Paw Patrol Jet

The Paw Patrol Jet

The paw patrol jet command center is a two in one vehicle that transforms into a jet from a mobile command center.It comes with various lights and sounds and rider can shoot discs from his mini jet.This toy is a very good size! You can used it as a “big” birthday gift. Or Christmas gift .Very well made. Has a lot of cool features. Makes noises and sounds. Rider and his smaller space craft come off and shoot out the discs. There is a ton of room on the inside of the toy. Your children will love this! 

8、Coding Critters

Coding Critters Gift Ideas for Children

Coding critters is the new toy where you can make your pet go wherever you want him to,just punch in commands on the arrows and watch him go.This cute playset is very entertaining.Ranger has the 4 directional buttons that you program to get him to perform a task. You can program him to catch Zip on the slide, play hide & seek, use the fire extinguisher and circle his house to get inside for a 'nap'.it’s amazing to see child use his critical thinking brain to figure out directions and distance to achieve his goal.Highly recommend as an early and adorably fun STEM toy.

9、The Scrub and Play Smart Sink 

The Scrub and Play Smart Sink  present guide for children

Your child will have lots of fun with the scrub and play smart sink,it teaches counting\sizes \colors and place several catchy tunes.Hear fun responses when opening and closing the door. Practice following directions by pressing the star activity button to get some clean-up suggestions. Wash the green plate! Water sounds make clean-up time feel real. Educational, functional and cute. The quality of the toy is amazing , very high quality.

10、Frozen Toys

Frozen Toys for girls

frozen ice castle christmas gifts                Elsa's Ice Palace with Olaf, the snowman, and Elsa

Frozen two arrives in theaters in 2019,and frozen toys are sure to be a hit this Christmas.The little people frozen ice castle comes with several accessories, including both Elsa and Olaf.Every young Disney fan will love recreating their favorite moments from the Frozen film with this magical Little People playset. Kids can explore Elsa's Ice Palace with Olaf, the snowman, and Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, pressing and turning the Discovery Buttons to reveal all the magical lights, wintry sounds, and exciting actions of the "growing" castle. The castle lights up while it plays the song let it go.


LeapBuilders present guide for kids

Leap Builders are interactive toys where you can plug in learning block to teach.The blocks trigger different sounds and phrases when you plug them in to the special slot.Kids can build using the easy-to-hold building blocks and double-sided learning blocks that feature letters and objects. This teaches letters, music, numbers, shapes, colors and a lot of things. Your child is going to love this of coarse it is a Xmas gift.

12、The Tumbling Hedgehog

The Tumbling Hedgehog gift ideas for Xmas

The Tumbling Hedgehog is a build-it-yourself toy that performs tricks on your commands. With the 172 building pieces in this kit,it can roll \spin and run around at the clap of your hands.You can also get the Hedgehog to Bristle its spines and act in a playful way with different patterns of claps. The Hedgehog eyes light up with LEDs.Learn about gears, motors, sound sensors, LEDs, and the other components of these funny little pet.This STEM project is a really nice quality. It will be a great Christmas gift.

13、Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Hw Mario Kart Piranha Set

Hot Wheels has several new sets this holiday season, including the Mario tracks send Mario zooming down the track and see if he can escape the jaws of the piranha plant.Great stunting and racing thrills for younger kids who love Mario Kart!

14、My Magical Unicorn

Magical Unicorn holiday presents for girls

My magical unicorn has over 100 ways to interact and play, it reacts to touch motion and sound and has a horn that lights up.You’ve never met another pet like this one! When you interact with her, she moves her head and hoof, makes special sounds, and lights up her horn. Your child will surely love to play with her,and won't put it down for a moment since your child received it.

15、Candylocks Dolls

Candylocks Dolls

Candylocks Dolls christmas presents for girls             Candylocks Dolls

Who's in there with the cotton candy hair? It's Candylocks, scented collectible dolls with hair so soft, it looks just like cotton candy! Candylocks dolls come wrapped in 15 inches of cotton candy style hair to hide their identity.Unwrap the hair to reveal which of the 20 different dolls is in your pack.The long colorful hair is fun to play with and easy to twist and style.Create handmade braids and buns, twists and ponytails – the hairstyle possibilities are endless! This is a darling toy and your child will love it,highly recommend!

16、Cubby the Curious Bear

Cubby the Curious Bear christmas gift for kids

The curious bear cubby will laugh play music and even let you feed him,he will delight you with a wide variety of emotions and movements as you interact with him. Cubby loves to play games and is always up for a game of peekaboo.Cubby has to be the cutest teddy bear you ever seen. This is a MUST buy for any Teddy Bear collector! Just buy him, you will not be disappointed.

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