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How Can I Put My Kids Name On Clothes?

Are you losing your children's clothes at home, school, or daycare or having difficulties keeping track of them? Are you wondering about "how can I put my kids name on clothes?". Here comes the answer.

To ensure that you never misplace them or get them mixed up again, GoGoMum can let you imprint cute, customized labels on your kid's clothing. Start your adventure and pick one of the name stamp for clothes that the fans prefer.

How can I put my kids name on clothes?

Our Kid Loses His Coat All The Time

Every parent who has to label the outfits on their children needs a clothing stamp. People with children who attend school, elementary school, hobby clubs, or when planning a vacation needs it. Nothing is lost anymore! 

1) Mixing Of Clothes

Since most schoolchildren are the same size, your youngster may mistakenly wear someone else's garment. 

2) Losing Garments

It's time to stop your youngster from losing their clothes in school! They won't lose them as quickly if you stamp on their shoes or uniforms.

Solution To "How can I put my kids name on clothes"

To save the headache of wondering, "Whose clothing is this?," you can use a name stamp to create a label on their clothing, bags, or even shoes so your kid can correctly identify what belongs to him.

It's time to say goodbye to losing clothes! Note that you'll never again misplace or mix up your children's clothes after using GoGoMum name stamp that fits any personality on your family's clothing.

Features Of GoGoMum Name Stamp For Clothes

buy name stamp for clothes best name stamp for kids clothes gogomum

· GoGoMum uses natural, high-quality, safe ink, so you have nothing to worry about. 

· The distinctive stamp is made to be waterproof. It won't fade for up to 50 washings, thus giving you a fantastic response to a well-known issue.

· For lightweight clothing, it is advised to use the white printing tape provided. We offers 20 cm free with every order, so they can 100% guarantee that its stamp won't go through thin clothing onto the other side.

· The usage of printing tape is not required, and the ink will not flow through thicker clothing. You could always stamp once more to keep the ink thicker, even if the initial impression fades.

· We support all major languages and unique letters like é and â. Therefore, you can create your fitting stamp right now with ease.

Benefits Of GoGoMum Name Stamp For Clothes

1) Up To 3,000 times reusable

You may use the name stamp up to 3,000 times!

To preserve quality, we advise storing the stamp at room temperature. One can stamp on anything besides apparel, such as backpacks, pencil cases, and even workbooks!

2) Has a clear impact even after 50 washes

You don't have to worry about repeatedly stamping it because it's waterproof for up to 50 washes. Unlike the stamps you typically use, the name stamp only needs to be used once to have an impact.

3) Simple to use

It's the quickest and easiest way to name-tag children's clothing. Apply the stamp to the clothing and click.

4) Washing and drying

You can dry stamped clothing in a tumble dryer or wash it in a machine. Take the name stamp and stamp the items after the imprint has been thoroughly cleaned. 

Based on the water, detergents, and so on, the imprint can withstand up to 50 washes.

5) Kids-friendly (allergy-free)

GoGoMum name stamp for clothes is safe for child's items. 

6) Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We promise that your items will meet your standards.

If something goes wrong, we address every complaint separately and work hard to satisfy the clients. We will provide you with a refund or a replacement if you are unsatisfied with the products.

In Summary

If you still don't how to put kids name on clothes. Try GoGoMum clothing stamp. The stamp is friendly to the environment and kids.

The items are sturdy, high-quality materials free of BPA and phthalates, and the stamps are non-toxic. All of the goods are kid-friendly because they all comply with regulatory standards.

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Best Name Stamp For Kids Clothes

I want to share with you the best name stamp for kids clothes. It was such a relief finding, and it made life easier for my daughters and me. It can stamp up to thousands times, be washed 50 times, and works on thin fabrics as well.

Who Am I

Hi, I am Fiona, a mother of two daughters-one three-year-old and the younger one is two years old. They both love clothes with bright, lively colors. They are just a year apart in age, so some of their clothes fit each other.

My Daughter Often Mixed Clothes

My two-year-old wanted to wear her older sister's dress because she thought it was hers, so when she wore it, my three-three-year-old threw a fit. The same goes for my two-year-old when her older sister would accidentally wears her favorite clothes.

Because of this recurring problem, I realized that the main problem was the kids not knowing what clothes belonged to each other.

I tried solving this problem by writing their names on their clothes. After my failed attempt at solving this problem, I decided to consult the internet for a better solution.

best name stamp for kids clothes helps mom

Solution: Best Name Stamp For Kids Clothes

I browsed through various mom blog websites that I thought might offer some solutions and advice to my problem. I came across one that said she thought she knew the answer to my problem.

It turns out that the blog owner is also a mom of two kids near each other's age and keeps fighting about their stuff and clothes. She also tried labeling her son's clothes, but they got washed off after spinning them in the washer.

Children's name stamp for clothes is the solution. On her recommendation, I bought from GoGoMum. I think it's the best name stamp for kids clothes.

Benefits Of GoGoMum Clothing Stamp

You can order this stamp and customize it with any name you need! No more laborious process of stitching and pressing labels.

Name stamp for kids clothes can do the job quickly and effortlessly with only one tap, thanks to the waterproof design of this unique stamp. It may be washed many times but does not fade.

This particular name stamp for clothes, which bears the recipient's name permanently, was created for use on clothes. Every number or name is customizable.

name stamp for clothes

This non-toxic, simple-to-use self-inking stamp is perfect for customizing your garments or other materials. When you receive it, you can start stamping because an ink pad is specially formulated inside.

It suitable for 50 washing cycles. Give the ink at least a day to dry before doing any washing. The integrated ink pad is suitable for more than 3000 stamps.

Best Name Stamp For Kids Clothes Saves My Life

Because of this name stamp, they never switched clothes again because they now knew who it belonged to. If they saw a dino, they would know that my younger daughter owns it, the same goes for my eldest.

My daughters love the best name stamp for kids clothes, and so do I! All I can say is that everything is good. The best thing about it is that you can personalize it according to your kids' tastes. They're affordable and handy!

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Name Stamp For Clothes Reviews

Why I Recommend GoGoMum Name Stamp For Clothes

"Jocelyn, that is my shorts!" is often the beginning of a torrid time at home. Sam and Jocelyn also quarreled a lot about clothes, which I often settled by keeping them away.

Before getting name stamps, I struggled to identify my children's clothes. When they go camping, they end up coming back with fewer clothes than they left with. This is because they don't know all their clothes and I also don't.

Name stamp for clothes should be a household name in all families. I wish I had known about it sooner. The ultimate mom hack shouldn't be enjoyed by mom alone, but also by teachers and others taking care of children.

Who Am I

My name is Kate, and I have two great kids, Sam and Jocelyn, aged 6 and 7 years old. I have come to love my kids' dependency, although it can be a bit tiring sometimes. They call me for everything, and I spend half the time stopping them from having a go at each other.

I always make sure to get different colors of clothes for the kids, especially unisex ones. However, this strategy hasn't been successful.

Sam and Jocelyn could pass for twins, and sometimes I lose track of who owns which clothes. As a result, resolving such disputes is often difficult, and I sometimes stow the cloth away to appease both parties.

So in the next part, I'm going to share with you my name stamp for clothes reviews and how clothing stamp helps me out.

Buy Name Stamp For Clothes

Last summer, when I was setting up our beach home décor, I stumbled upon the safe, and the clothes inside were in their dozens. It is saddening because these are good clothes the kids could wear.

But if I had to choose between peace and its opposite, my choice would be the obvious one. However, with a pensive expression plastered across my face, I thought, isn't there a way the kids can stop fighting about clothes and I don't have to resort to hiding some away?

My mind wandered to the name stamp for clothes I saw on Instagram, and I made a mental note to research it.

The following day, I was lucky to find the product and was redirected to gogomum official website.

I read about the permanent name stamp for clothing and realized how it was a game changer. I wished I had come across the clothing stamp sooner and thought about how much peace and quiet I would have enjoyed.

Then I placed my first order, which also came with free delivery. In case you are wondering what clothes name stamps are, they are simply the ultimate mom hack.

Features Of GoGoMum Name Stamp For Clothes

The name stamp for clothes comes with cute personalized labels and characters, and I choose what best fits my children's personalities. In case you are wondering about my choice, it was influenced by their favorite animal character and color.

After receiving the package, I called Jocelyn and Sam to the room and asked them to pick a name stamp. Their short hands immediately flew to their favorite characters, and with a smug expression on my face, I patted myself mentally on the back for being a great mother.

I explained to them what the name stamp was and how it would be used, and they both yelped for joy. "Mummy, can I apply it myself?" Sam asked, and I replied with "Of course, sweetheart."

  • The name stamp for clothes has incredible features I never thought possible for its price, making it great value for money.
  • The name stamp can be used on different types of clothing and fabrics, including dark and thin clothes.
  • In addition, the cloth stamp is reusable for up to 3,000 times, and cloth stamps can withstand up to 50 washes before another application.
  • Furthermore, the stamp can be easily applied, which Sam and Jocelyn didn't struggle with, and it dries instantly.

My kids enjoy this chore and always look forward to stamping their clothes. Did I mention how cute the stamps are and how I struggled to make a choice? I wasn't short of selection, and I am sure you won't be either.

The name stamp for clothes comes with various benefits, with organization at the top of the list. You and your kids won't lose or find it difficult to identify their clothes, especially during outdoor activities like camping involving other kids and their clothes.

With the different label stamps to choose from and the option of personalized stamps for your kids, it makes them stand out and their clothes distinct from others.

I Love Custom Name Stamp For Clothes

Name stamps for clothes also come in handy for marking children's clothes in school and kindergarten. Teachers can easily tell who owns which clothing through the personalized stamps, making their work easy.

The name stamps don't need to be sewn or ironed on clothes to stick, as they can be easily applied while still enjoying the benefits that come with them.

It is fast to apply, safe, easy to use, and efficient.

Furthermore, the kids name stamp for clothes remains a great value for money as it can be used more than 3,000 times and washed numerous times without fading.

Lastly, it has other uses if you decide not to limit it to clothing, as it can be used to label backpacks, books, socks, lunch boxes, etc.

With this invention, I have been able to save my family, both literally and figuratively. My kids quarrel less, I save more, and it is one big, happy family now.


Hope this name stamp for clothes reviews can help you. I will recommend this product all day as it is a cute way of making your kid's clothes stand out and be identifiable. It has other benefits, and an important one is saving money, as you will lose fewer of your children's clothes and won't have to spend more to get newer ones.

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Do Name Stamp For Clothes Work?

If you ask me," Do name stamp for clothes work" ? My answer is yes! Name stamp for clothes works great!

Hi, I am Jessica Choi, a mother of a 4-year-old. I am a working mother who takes care of the house, family, and office work. 

As a mom, I need to ensure that my child gets the best in every way, from clothes and food to education. One thing that has improved my life is the gogomum name stamp for clothes.

The Reason Why I Need Name Stamp For Clothes

Like any other child, my child gets absentminded at times and forgets his belongings at school. Finding lost clothes or belongings from school, laundry, daycare, or anywhere can be difficult. 

Also, kids do not pay attention to what they are using. Sometimes, they tend to wear other clothes, etc., thinking it's theirs. Hence, I need to buy the name stamp for clothes which can be helpful. 

The main reasons why I need name stamp for kids clothes are:

1. Prevent Items From Getting Lost

Clothes, handkerchiefs, etc., can get lost easily. 

Children often leave these items in the school or the daycare. Having the name written on these clothing items can be quite helpful for me to find them easily. 

The school or daycare can contact me directly to return the items my child leaves behind. So, the chances of losing things are quite low.

2. Prevent Items From Being Used By others

Children generally have clothing items that are of similar sizes. Chances are quite high that the clothes can get mixed up. 

My child's shirt can get mixed up with someone else's. To prevent the items of my child from getting mixed up and used by others, I need to buy this name stamp for clothing. It will help the children to know to whom the clothes belong to. 

Do Name Stamp For Clothes Work For Me?

buy name stamp for clothes best name stamp for kids clothes gogomum

Do name stamp for clothes work? In fact, the name stamp for clothes has helped me to improve my life. 

Being a mother of a 4-year-old, I often get stressed about lost clothing items or the items getting mixed up. The name stamp for clothes is a perfect solution to all these problems.

The name stamp has been a life-changing hack for me. 

The clothes often get mixed up or lost in the school, laundry and daycare. Previously, I used to use sewing labels or stick-on labels to mark my child's clothing items and ours. The stick-on labels get off easily, and sewing ones are complicated to use. 

Once I got a recommendation to use the name stamp for the clothing items, things seemed to be much sorted now.

If I compare the previous problems, my child used to lose clothing items very easily. Even the masks used to get mixed up, which can be quite harmful too. 

Kids do not pay much attention to their belongings, and the chances of losing them or mixing them up with other kids are quite high. 

But with the stamping system, my child and I can easily identify the belongings. Because of some of the amazing features of the name stamp, I find it truly helpful.

Features Of Name Stamps For Clothes

name stamp au

1) Multiple Uses

One of the best features of this name stamp is that I can use it in different ways. 

I can stamp my child's name on his clothing items, such as shirts, masks, socks, shoes, etc. This is a life-changing hack as it helps me easily identify my kid's clothes. This also helps others to identify the belongings as ours if, by chance, the clothes get mixed up.

2) Customization

The best feature that I love about the name stamp is customization. 

You can customize the stamp according to your needs. You can add the name and contact details if you want. 

Also, I can customize the stamps in different languages. People can contact you to return the item if the clothing items get lost or mixed up. 

3) Easy To Use

The sewing labels or the stick-on labels can be problematic at times. But with the stamp labels, it is quite easy to apply and use. 

You just have to stamp it directly on the clothing material, and the name will be imprinted on the fabric. In case the items get misplaced or lost, the finder can easily contact me as I customize the contact details and the beholder's name. 

4) Last For A Long Time

One of the best things about this name stamp for kids clothes is that it can last for a long time. Even when you wash the clothes, the stamp remains there for a long time. 

It takes a lot of washing cycles to get the stamp out of the fabric completely. Hence, it doesn't get off easily, making it even more reliable for my child's clothing items. 

5) For Different Fabrics

What I liked the most about this name stamp is that it goes well with different fabrics. 

The stamp can go quite well, whether it is a cotton fabric, silk, or any fabric blend. Hence, I can use it on shoes and clothes, and masks. 

You can use these stamps on different items that use fabric materials, such as backpacks, pencil bags and more.

Answer to Do Name Stamp For Clothes Work

Clothing items getting lost or mixed up can be really stressful. It can have an adverse impact as well, especially for kids. 

In this pandemic situation, your kids should not use clothing items of others. I make sure that no one else uses my kid's items too. Thus, this name stamp for clothes has been quite helpful for me to mark all the clothing items with the name and contact number. 

Do name stamp for clothes work? Yes! It helps me a lot. Since using this stamp, I have prevented the clothing items from getting mixed up or lost by a huge percentage. 

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Do Clothing Stamps Wash Out?

Having the name stamp for clothes was a lifesaver, especially when you have a twin swapping clothes. But since having clothing stamps, we barely exchanged stuff again. 

Do Clothing Stamps Wash Out Easily?

The clothing stamps do not wash out easily, it can be used about 50 times. Having this name stamp for under $30 is a wiser option.

Why I Need A Clothing Stamp?

I am Gia, a 10-year-old student. I have a twin sister, Gea. Gea and I go to the same school and have the same academic program. 

We are identical twins, so all of our things are the same as each other, from personal kinds of stuff up to the things we need for school and, most importantly, clothes. We are also the same size. That's why we always switch things from one another, especially in a rush.

Life Without The Name Stamp

Just like on any other day when we woke up late and tried our best to move as fast as we could to get ready for school, my twin sister, for the nth time, accidentally wore my inner shirt for the uniform instead of hers, in the end, I was the one to wear hers. 

Swapping clothes and accidentally wearing each other's clothes have always been our problems. Our clothes get mixed up most of the time. 

How Name Stamp For Clothes Changes My Life

gogomum clothing stamp

One night when I surfed the internet for solutions to our problem, I saw a name stamp for clothes from gogomum. The site quickly caught my attention since it looked promising and looked like it was the answer to my problems. I scrolled through the site of GoGoMum and saw great reviews about their product.

I told my sister about it immediately so we could ask our mom and dad to buy it since exchanging stuff has been a lifelong problem for us. Our parents agreed to buy each of us these name stamps for clothes to help us solve this problem. 

Having a name stamp for clothes has never made our lives this easy. The names on the clothes made it easier to know who owned what, including the shirts and other garments, even if the room and the closet were messy.

Why I Love GoGoMum Clothing Stamp?

The thing that we all loved about this name stamp for clothes is that it is customizable. The design of the stamps was made originally for kids, and you can choose to have the cutest design for the outside of the case of the stamp but have the simplest stamp inside like just your name and a cute little emoji or symbol to come with your name. 

And the name stamp can be used a thousand times. It works on thin fabric and does not wash off easily.

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The Name Stamp Review from Cindy

I'm Cindy, I'm a mama too, and today we will be reviewing the GoGoMum name Stamp.

Are you looking for the ultimate mum hack? Then wait no more.

All You Need is a Name Stamp

Because I have got it for you. I tested GoGoMum name Stamps out and road-tested them for you. I think you're going to be really pleased with these. This company says you waste too much time sewing in, ironing on. All you need is a waterproof name stamp. This cloth marking stamp is all you need to name your kids' clothes, uniforms, toys, books, anything. This is the thing that you need.

I did a book, I did uniform, I did shoes, I did sun cream, I did hat, I went through everything. I'm gonna name it all. It's gonna look beautiful. I'm delighted at GoGoMum name Stamps.

You get these beautiful little stamps and a roll of tape. You're supposed to cut it, iron it on, let it cool, and then stamp. These are for if you've got thin clothes or dark uniforms, items and things like that. So you iron them on, and then you stamp. It just makes it show up a bit better. With my kid's uniforms and things like that, we are in reds or white most of the time, and if it is dark, there is a label in there that I can just stamp on anyway.

You get to design them however you want, so you can choose the casing. There are loads of different styles on their website. I obviously had to get them matching on a twin set. We've got a cat and a little mouse, and then you take the bottom off, there is the stamp inside. How cool is that.

I bought them for school uniform, and that is probably the sole purpose of why I got these because I am not a sewer, this for me is a win. I went to go stamp. What should I stamp first? I'll do it on a piece of paper. Give it a test. Go on a piece of paper, after three goes, they were pristine, I mean excellent quality. I was really quite surprised. I thought after the first one it'd stay like that, but no, they were so clear. I was really happy with them.

When I did it on the fabric itself on the back of the t-shirt, it was perfect. A good thing about this is that it's not going to come off in the wash. They actually claim that you can wash the item 50 times before it starts to fade away, which in my eyes is amazing.

Because I'm pretty sure the kids wear it once before it needs to go in the wash if it doesn't have soil on, it's got food on, it's got paint on, it's got drawing on, I mean if your kids are as mucky as mine, then this is the thing that you were going to need. So I found the stamp to work really well on paper, clothing, hat, anything like that, more like a fabric-y material was Brilliant.

Save Time and Money

This stamp is absolutely brilliant, and you need it in your life because it's gonna save you so much time, having to sew and sell tape and iron on all of the labels over the years, because this stamp will last a thousand times, a thousand stamps you've got in it. That's gonna last them until they come out at high school.

If you needed it to be on their bag, or even in your bag, you could have it on your keyring as well, which is super cute, and if you wanted, you could let the kids have a go at stamping all of their stuff Anyway, they want to put their names on everything.

So after stamping all of my little girls, I absolutely love these name stamps, and they are so cute to have in your little stationery kit. I have loved them, and I'm 100% gonna keep using them in the future because I'm lazy.


Learn More about the Best Name Stamp for Clothes

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Best Name Stamp for Clothes

In the modern day, the art of stamping cloths is becoming a common practice. Name stamps are a perfect way to customize and personalize items such as clothes. They are a crucial identification tool that serves other purposes, such as enhancing uniqueness and sophistication. While numerous institutions make name stamp for clothes, it is important to understand where to shop for the best clothing stamp. Shopping from high-quality stamp outlets guarantees quality, style, and durability amidst other outstanding elements. 

This informative piece will provide you with an insight into the best name stamp for clothes and why customers are assured of quality, durability, versatility, and perfect customization. First and foremost, here is a look at the significance of clothing stamps. 

Importance of Name Stamp for Clothes

Clothing stamps serve outstanding purposes and are useful for numerous reasons. They are a great way to enable individuals to make their textiles, which helps them identify them during laundry. The role is particularly significant with multiple users. As a result, there is a limited likelihood of losing or confusing various items during laundry. 

Personalized clothing stamps are also significant in enabling customization and labeling of an individual's items with their stamp preference. When employing name stamp for clothes, a customer is ascertained of diverse clothing stamp choices. These are available in various styles that perfectly serve individual preference diversifications. 

Further, the customer is a merit of selecting a range of custom alternatives that enable them to add their name, contact phone, and other details they may please. A wide range of custom variations is particularly significant in the following ways:

  • Customers can pick from various customizable designs to feature their name, contact number, and any other essential text.
  • An individual's clothing stamp will serve their interests and last on the fabrics even after many washes.
  • Therefore, the ink used is designed for clothing and fabric and is not poisonous.
  • Perfect item identification eliminates loss eventualities in crowds such as camps, schools, daycares, and Laundromats. 

Guidelines on How to Apply Clothing Stamp

If you are not familiar with how to use GoGoMumname stamp for clothes,Hope the guide below can help you.

Name stamping is a pretty simple activity that anyone can learn. Typically, it involves applying ink on the stamper for clothes and stamping on the preferred surfaces. However, certain critical guidelines yield prints that are sharp and last forever. 

Prepare the Clothes Stamp Appropriately

Preparation of the name stamp for clothes includes inking, during which an individual coasts the stamp with the ink. It is paramount that the ink is spread sufficiently on the stamp place, achievable by dipping the stamp face down onto the paint, which should be on a flat surface. Alternatively, applying the ink on the stamp utilizing a brush or a roller face is recommendable. If the latter option is employed, one should ensure to run the roller evenly till the clothes stamper is sufficiently coated in ink. 

Prepare the Cloth 

Another critical step is ensuring to wash the cloth sufficiently before the process. The goal of washing clothes is to remove any dirt, glue, or anything that may hinder the absorption of the color when stamping. Note that there are fabrics with special surfaces that do not absorb ink. At the same time, others have furry materials or loose weaves, which will interfere with the process.

Ensure to press the cloth sufficiently to remove any creases to ensure proper stamping. Afterward, test the clothing name stamp on a different surface. Finally, keep the cloth on the barking sheet in a flat working area (a newspaper or thin cardstock is preferable). 

Name Stamping the Cloth

An individual should have selected their preferred name stamping position by this time. The selected areas can be marked using a pencil. If one intends to make regular stamps, it is important to space them according to their desired design.

Ensure to name stamp gently by pressuring the stamp against the cloth and then allowing some few seconds for the ink to transfer to the cloth. Typically, about two or three seconds are sufficient. When removing the stamp from the cloth, it is recommended that one exercise caution to avoid smudging the outlines. 

The best print is achievable when the user ensures that the name stamps for clothes are neither overloaded with ink nor is the ink sparse. Excess inks usually appear on the name's sides and are therefore not sharp. The same can happen when one overpresses the stamp against the surface. When the ink is not sufficient, the name will not be complete but can also result from insufficient pressing. 

After name stamping, one may set the fabric ink using a hot iron box. Further, avoid washing the stamped areas for some time to ensure that the ink adheres sufficiently. 

Do Name Stamps Work On Clothes?

Name stamps work perfectly on clothes. They are a perfect solution to identify clothes in settings where getting lost is likely. kids name stamps are the perfect, quickest, and most reliable way that most people use to label their kid's clothes, bags, headgears, and other items. Name stamp for clothes utilize ink that is not toxic, which is particularly designed for textiles and fabrics. 

Some of the instances where clothing stamps have proven particularly helpful include identification during laundry, kid's item identification, and other crowd settings. Name stamps for kids are helpful when parents intend to avoid mixing their children's belongs with those of other kids. 

An outstanding element about name stamp for clothes is its capacity to last even after numerous washes. Notably, there is limited uncertainty following surprise or sudden name disappearance since the name remains intact. It is, however, significant to note that after numerous washes (such as 50), the name may begin to fade. When this occurs, users should re-stamp the name, and they will continue enjoying the role played by name stamps. 

It is worth noting that are there are a couple of name stamps which include the following:

  • Initial stamps: The initial stamps are designed to enable users to design initials they are interested in. Their typical applications include stamping an individual's name and initials and labeling possession and professions. Their major pros include simplicity, portability, and convenience of use.
  • Signature stamps:The signature stamps are designed to help individuals sign off on their documents utilizing a quick stamp. There are a variety of styles, and design alternatives applied in this type, including classic signature, signature and logo, and signature and date, among others. 
  • Monogram stamps:Typically, monogram stamps are stylishly stamping an individual's information, initials, and address. They play a significant application in projects since they are available as monogram address stamps or classic monogram stamps. 
  • Custom name stamps:These kinds of stamps allow users to control their need for name stamps. Individuals have a preference to pick their best name stamp type, select their desired impression size, or create a one-of-kind name stamp diverse from the rest. 
  • Name stamps for kids:These are kinds that enable customization of kids' names according to individual features of interest. They may include their address, name, clothing, and artwork stamps. 

Is Stamp Ink Permanent on Fabric?

Stamp ink is highly durable and therefore lasts a long time without fading. Good quality ink should withstand washing for up to 50 washes, even when washed at 60°C, without fading. However, with time the ink may start fading, during which the user is encouraged to re-stamp the cloth. 

Note that the best ink companies use ink typically designed for clothes. As such, the ink should meet the natural expectations of the use. Some of the recommended brands on fabric range from Palette to Clearsnap and Jacquard. Customers are encouraged to always outsource trusted brands for the ultimate experience with the stamps. Similarly, following the right procedure is recommended if a user needs to re-stamp ink on clothes. 

Here are some of the recommended techniques.

  • Avoid stamping straight into the ink pad. Instead, it is advisable to lightly dab as though one was using a smaller clothing stamp. 
  • When using a larger clothing stamp, it is recommended to flip the stamp side over and introduce the ink pad. Afterward, tap the pad across the stamp till it gets covered with ink.
  • Test on other surfaces before stamping on the actual cloth. The step is important to ensure sufficient inking before stamping the cloth. Remember, ironing the fabric/cloth is important before stamping to avoid creases destroying the intended stamp impression. 

How Do You Stamp a Name on Fabric?

It is easy to stamp a name on fabric when an individual has the right know-how. The typical requirements for the process include the fabric being stamped, a clothing stamp, and fabric ink. It is a process that should be easy and fun. It is, however, important to avoid complicating the process to avoid unnecessary errors. Here are the steps involved

  • Individuals who are stamping for the first time should start with easy-cut stamps (triangles, squares, stripes). Alternatively, starting with clothes stampthat are already made is recommended. Selecting bold stamps is highly advantageous since there are limited chances of making errors.
  • During this stage, the most critical thing is enjoying the process. The individual should follow the simple initial steps rather than engage in sophisticated ones that may complicate the entire process and eradicate the fun involved. 
  • Ensure to select a great color that appropriately produces the intended design.
  • The right ink is fabric ink since many other ink types are not suited for stamping cloths. 
  • Ensure to wash the cloth before stamping to avoid damage to the name by particles that may be on the cloth. 
  • It is highly recommendable to test the stamper for clothesseveral times on paper before using it on the cloth. 
  • Applying the right pressure stamp on the cloth ensures that the ink prints. 
  • Wash the hands immediately if they come into contact with ink, and avoid touching the surface immediately after stamping. 
  • If an individual is planning to stamp on clothes that are dark in color, they should use the name stamp for clotheson white tags and then attach them to the cloth using an iron or hair straightener.
  • Dry the cloth sufficiently (3hours) before washing it. 

How Do You Stamp Black Clothes?

Stamping on black clothes should be an easy process. The process involves using a white printing tape to stamp on clothes that are dark or black. The user cuts the printing tap and puts it on the cloths. Afterward, they should heat the tape with iron and stamp it on it once it cools off.

How Do You Print a Name Stamp Tape?

How to use gogomum clothing label stamp

Name stamp tapes play an important part in labeling clothing such as school uniforms, kind clothing, face masks, and shoes, among other items. They achieve this by putting an ink imprint of the name on the intended fabric. They are quite easy to use and are highly durable. They have the capacity of withstanding a wash with water that has a temperature of up to ninety degrees. Further, they remain intact for up to over thirty washes. 

Printing a stamp tape is pretty simple. The process involves printing the words one is interested in printing on paper. Afterward, it is advisable to check and ensure that the font size is right or matches the tape's width. The next step involves covering the lines with the tape.

Afterward, run the tape back through the printer and position it similarly to before to print the output as the original text and on the tape. It is recommended to give the ink some time to dry. After the ink has dried, peel the tape away gently and then position it on the surface of interest (such as fabric, gift wrap, or a pencil, among other items). 


Name stamping is a critical process that is significant for enabling identification and avoiding unnecessary loss of items. However, getting the best names requires acquiring the best name stamp for clothes. Such will guarantee the best results while eliminating the occurrence of errors when printing the names on the clothes. At the same time, it is important to stick to the steps outlined throughout the article when stamping the names on the fabric. 


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Animal Stamps Review

These animal stamps are good for kids,like if you have younger kids where you label each and everything you send with them to school. So that if they lose, just in case, their name is on those items. 
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5+ Facts About Name Stamp for Clothes

People use name stamps for clothes for many reasons. One of the main purposes of people using name stamps on clothes is to help them identify which one belongs to a specific person. Besides, a name stamp for clothes is important for kids who are more vulnerable when losing their belongings and clothes. 

With name stamp for clothes, even laundry becomes easier to a great extent. You don't have to identify the right ones, and it takes mere seconds. You don't have to worry about putting the wrong clothes in the wrong loader. Here are the five facts about name stamp for clothes you should know.

What is Name Stamp for Clothes?

In general, a name stamp is one of the best ways to add branding with ease and efficiency. Name stamps personalize paperwork along with other formalities to get the job done instantly. These intuitive name stamps have made life easier, from custom stamps to logo signature stamps. 

Similarly, name stamp for clothes is specifically designed to be used on clothes. GoGoMum sells these kinds of stamps to make the lives of moms easy.

gogomum name stamp for clothes

These clothing stamps help moms identify clothing when it comes to recognizing clothes of their kids with similar designs. 

There is no denying that when two or more clothes have almost the same design pattern, it gets harder for anyone to recognize the one they used to wear. Besides, things can get uglier if you are using a shared laundry.

GoGoMum name stamp for clothes helps you in several ways. And the most vibrant one is reducing your efforts to find your kids’ clothes amidst other similar clothing.

GoGoMum name stamp offers easy personalization for clothes, including other fabrics in your house. While there are many uses for name stamp for clothes, it is better when used to mark camp clothes, industrial applications, or school clothes.

Benefits of Name Stamp for Clothes

Using clothing label stamp on your kid's clothes is a great benefit of having them. They are an excellent tool for making your child's clothes because it makes them stand out from the rest. Both the parents and teachers know who the owner of the cloth is. 

Also, name stamp for clothes is best for kids who attend nursery classes or other types of interest groups. Besides, clothing stamp keeps your child's clothes distinct from others, especially when they go out camping with other kids where the chances of clothes getting mixed up are more.

gogomum name stamp for clothes

One benefit of using a name stamp for clothes is washable. The ink is high quality, which helps it retain even after 50 washes. Most importantly, gogomum name stamp for clothes works great with almost any type of textile or fabric. 

So, whether you hand wash them or put them inside a machine, you don't have to bother about the ink getting washed away. However, wait about 2 hours before washing the clothes to let the ink settle in.

How Much Is Name Stamp for Clothes?

There are plenty of online stores that sell name stamps for clothes. The amount will vary depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the stamps.

However, to remain on the safe side, try to buy items from a reliable vendor. Also, make sure that they fulfill your requirement. So, if you are looking to buy name stamp for clothes, you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $35. It might go higher depending on where you intend to use it.

Where to Order Name Stamp For Clothes?

Do you worry that your child will lose or mess up things at home or school? If so, you should use name stamp for clothes. Using it will give you peace of mind. Besides, it is very convenient to use and provides you with results instantly. 

While there is no shortage of companies that manufactures great name stamps for clothes, you should always buy from a trusted source. Make sure it carries a wide selection of customizable products you can order online.

Now that you know the name stamps for clothes and their numerous benefits, it is time to get your clothing stamper.

If you want to get creative with clothes, perhaps name stamps can help you a lot. So, get in touch with your favorite online store and get what you need at reasonable pricing. You can buy GoGoMum name stamp,5000+ Happy moms love our name stamps for clothes.

What Are the Types of Name Stamps?

Whether you wish to sign documents effectively or add a name to our clothing, custom name stamps come in handy in all situations. Typically there are five types of name stamps that you can find on the market.

1) Initial Stamps

As the name suggests, initial name stamps are an easy way to create impressions that resemble one's initials. Whether you are looking to label your possessions or a professional on the go, the initial stamps are quite useful. They are simple, portable, and convenient to use. 

2) Signature Stamps

These stamps help you efficiently sign off on documents or paperwork using a quick stamp. Signature stamps come in a variety of styles and design options. In general, you get to choose between several types of signature stamps. Some of the variants include classic signature, signature & date, signature & logo, and signature & printed name stamps.

3) Monogram Stamps

If you are looking for a stylish way to stamp your personal information, address, and initials, the monogram stamps should be the right choice for you. The monogram stamps are useful for a variety of projects and are available in two different styles: classic monogram and monogram address stamps.

4) Custom Name Stamps

With these kinds of name stamps, you can fully control the designs you need for your name stamps. Hence, pick up your favorite name stamp type, choose your desired impression size, and create a one-of-a-kind name stamp different from others.

5) Name Stamp For Kids

These include all kinds of customizable name stamps that feature your kid's name. Kid's name stamps include kid's address, name clothing, and artwork name stamps. Name stamps are a convenient tool for every kid. And name stamp for clothes is these types.

Learn More about best clothing stamp here.

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