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Animal Stamps Review

I'm bringing you guys name stamp from the company called GoGoMum, and I'm going to do my review on the use of name stamp for clothes.

Mom Hack-Name Stamp

These animal stamps are good for kids, like if you have younger kids where you label each and everything you send with them to school. So that if they lose, just in case, their name is on those items. These stamps come in handy. I usually use my cutting machine to label their garments or water bottles. Sometimes I even use the sharpie, but sometimes when you have to label those tiny items like the mittens and the socks, write on the smaller garments. So I think a waterproof name stamp will come in handy for those items.

You can have your child's name and add a special character. With every step you order, you usually get this iron-on tape for the black garments. Because it's black ink, you won't be able to see if it's a black garment, you can have this iron-on strip on it, and then you can stamp it.

They have lots of different characters to choose from. My daughters picked out these for themselves, they also picked out the character they want besides their name, but if you want, you can also have just the name no characters.

Try Name Stamp on Paper

Let's start with the blue name stamp. And you can see the name. It's very clear, and I have this white piece of paper. We'll be just trying out on that first. I will usually recommend trying a cloth marking stamp out on a paper first before trying it onto garments. As you can see the first use, it will be a little bit blotchy or a little bit like too dark, and with the multiple stamps, you will be able to get it clearer. That's why I would recommend using it on a paper first, and then once you get your desire, like the inking, then just use it on the garments. I think it came out really well.

And now let's try the second one, this is my other daughter, and she picked up a penguin. Hers is stamping good. They'll have lots of fun stamping with these. As you can see, it seems very clear.

Try Name Stamp On T-shirt

I like it so you can label all their books. And now let's try it on the t-shirt. So I have this white t-shirt. I would recommend having it done on a like harder surface. Let's print it here or stamp it here, yeah, it came out good, and it didn't go on the back. I think this looks cute, it came out nice.

Try Fabric Stamp on Socks

And I also got some socks. Because these are the most difficult ones to deal with. As I said, I never label them. Let's try this one. It came out nice on this one too. Give it a few minutes to rest before you do anything with the fabric, or you can even wash it out after you have stamped it, but it won't fade the ink, so let it rest for a few minutes.

Try stamper with name on Books

This name stamp is very kid-friendly. Even the kids can use it to stamp the items they want. And this is how it turned out.

We're very happy with these stamps. It's very clear and very crisp.

-From Emily. A Happy Customer.

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