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Best Name Stamp for Clothes

In the modern day, the art of stamping cloths is becoming a common practice. Name stamps are a perfect way to customize and personalize items such as clothes. They are a crucial identification tool that serves other purposes, such as enhancing uniqueness and sophistication. While numerous institutions make name stamp for clothes, it is important to understand where to shop for the best clothing stamp. Shopping from high-quality stamp outlets guarantees quality, style, and durability amidst other outstanding elements. 

This informative piece will provide you with an insight into the best name stamp for clothes and why customers are assured of quality, durability, versatility, and perfect customization. First and foremost, here is a look at the significance of clothing stamps. 

Importance of Name Stamp for Clothes

Clothing stamps serve outstanding purposes and are useful for numerous reasons. They are a great way to enable individuals to make their textiles, which helps them identify them during laundry. The role is particularly significant with multiple users. As a result, there is a limited likelihood of losing or confusing various items during laundry. 

Personalized clothing stamps are also significant in enabling customization and labeling of an individual's items with their stamp preference. When employing name stamp for clothes, a customer is ascertained of diverse clothing stamp choices. These are available in various styles that perfectly serve individual preference diversifications. 

Further, the customer is a merit of selecting a range of custom alternatives that enable them to add their name, contact phone, and other details they may please. A wide range of custom variations is particularly significant in the following ways:

  • Customers can pick from various customizable designs to feature their name, contact number, and any other essential text.
  • An individual's clothing stamp will serve their interests and last on the fabrics even after many washes.
  • Therefore, the ink used is designed for clothing and fabric and is not poisonous.
  • Perfect item identification eliminates loss eventualities in crowds such as camps, schools, daycares, and Laundromats.¬†

Guidelines on How to Apply Clothing Stamp

If you are not familiar with how to use¬†GoGoMum‚ĄĘ name stamp for clothes,Hope the guide below can help you.

Name stamping is a pretty simple activity that anyone can learn. Typically, it involves applying ink on the stamper for clothes and stamping on the preferred surfaces. However, certain critical guidelines yield prints that are sharp and last forever. 

Prepare the Clothes Stamp Appropriately

Preparation of the name stamp for clothes includes inking, during which an individual coasts the stamp with the ink. It is paramount that the ink is spread sufficiently on the stamp place, achievable by dipping the stamp face down onto the paint, which should be on a flat surface. Alternatively, applying the ink on the stamp utilizing a brush or a roller face is recommendable. If the latter option is employed, one should ensure to run the roller evenly till the clothes stamper is sufficiently coated in ink. 

Prepare the Cloth 

Another critical step is ensuring to wash the cloth sufficiently before the process. The goal of washing clothes is to remove any dirt, glue, or anything that may hinder the absorption of the color when stamping. Note that there are fabrics with special surfaces that do not absorb ink. At the same time, others have furry materials or loose weaves, which will interfere with the process.

Ensure to press the cloth sufficiently to remove any creases to ensure proper stamping. Afterward, test the clothing name stamp on a different surface. Finally, keep the cloth on the barking sheet in a flat working area (a newspaper or thin cardstock is preferable). 

Name Stamping the Cloth

An individual should have selected their preferred name stamping position by this time. The selected areas can be marked using a pencil. If one intends to make regular stamps, it is important to space them according to their desired design.

Ensure to name stamp gently by pressuring the stamp against the cloth and then allowing some few seconds for the ink to transfer to the cloth. Typically, about two or three seconds are sufficient. When removing the stamp from the cloth, it is recommended that one exercise caution to avoid smudging the outlines. 

The best print is achievable when the user ensures that the name stamps for clothes are neither overloaded with ink nor is the ink sparse. Excess inks usually appear on the name's sides and are therefore not sharp. The same can happen when one overpresses the stamp against the surface. When the ink is not sufficient, the name will not be complete but can also result from insufficient pressing. 

After name stamping, one may set the fabric ink using a hot iron box. Further, avoid washing the stamped areas for some time to ensure that the ink adheres sufficiently. 

Do Name Stamps Work On Clothes?

Name stamps work perfectly on clothes. They are a perfect solution to identify clothes in settings where getting lost is likely. kids name stamps are the perfect, quickest, and most reliable way that most people use to label their kid's clothes, bags, headgears, and other items. Name stamp for clothes utilize ink that is not toxic, which is particularly designed for textiles and fabrics. 

Some of the instances where clothing stamps have proven particularly helpful include identification during laundry, kid's item identification, and other crowd settings. Name stamps for kids are helpful when parents intend to avoid mixing their children's belongs with those of other kids. 

An outstanding element about name stamp for clothes is its capacity to last even after numerous washes. Notably, there is limited uncertainty following surprise or sudden name disappearance since the name remains intact. It is, however, significant to note that after numerous washes (such as 50), the name may begin to fade. When this occurs, users should re-stamp the name, and they will continue enjoying the role played by name stamps. 

It is worth noting that are there are a couple of name stamps which include the following:

  • Initial stamps:¬†The initial stamps are designed to enable users to design initials they are interested in. Their typical applications include stamping an individual's name and initials and labeling possession and professions. Their major pros include simplicity, portability, and convenience of use.
  • Signature stamps:The signature stamps are designed to help individuals sign off on their documents utilizing a quick stamp. There are a variety of styles, and design alternatives applied in this type, including classic signature, signature and logo, and signature and date, among others.¬†
  • Monogram stamps:Typically, monogram stamps are stylishly stamping an individual's information, initials, and address. They play a significant application in projects since they are available as monogram address stamps or classic monogram stamps.¬†
  • Custom name stamps:These kinds of stamps allow users to control their need for name stamps. Individuals have a preference to pick their best name stamp type, select their desired impression size, or create a one-of-kind name stamp diverse from the rest.¬†
  • Name stamps for kids:These are kinds that enable customization of kids' names according to individual features of interest. They may include their address, name, clothing, and artwork stamps.¬†

Is Stamp Ink Permanent on Fabric?

Stamp ink is highly durable and therefore lasts a long time without fading. Good quality ink should withstand washing for up to 50 washes, even when washed at 60¬įC, without fading. However, with time the ink may start fading, during which the user is encouraged to re-stamp the cloth.¬†

Note that the best ink companies use ink typically designed for clothes. As such, the ink should meet the natural expectations of the use. Some of the recommended brands on fabric range from Palette to Clearsnap and Jacquard. Customers are encouraged to always outsource trusted brands for the ultimate experience with the stamps. Similarly, following the right procedure is recommended if a user needs to re-stamp ink on clothes. 

Here are some of the recommended techniques.

  • Avoid stamping straight into the ink pad. Instead, it is advisable to lightly dab as though one was using a smaller clothing stamp.¬†
  • When using a larger clothing stamp, it is recommended to flip the stamp side over and introduce the ink pad. Afterward, tap the pad across the stamp till it gets covered with ink.
  • Test on other surfaces before stamping on the actual cloth. The step is important to ensure sufficient inking before stamping the cloth. Remember, ironing the fabric/cloth is important before stamping to avoid creases destroying the intended stamp impression.¬†

How Do You Stamp a Name on Fabric?

It is easy to stamp a name on fabric when an individual has the right know-how. The typical requirements for the process include the fabric being stamped, a clothing stamp, and fabric ink. It is a process that should be easy and fun. It is, however, important to avoid complicating the process to avoid unnecessary errors. Here are the steps involved

  • Individuals who are stamping for the first time should start with easy-cut stamps (triangles, squares, stripes). Alternatively, starting with clothes stampthat are already made is recommended. Selecting bold stamps is highly advantageous since there are limited chances of making errors.
  • During this stage, the most critical thing is enjoying the process. The individual should follow the simple initial steps rather than engage in sophisticated ones that may complicate the entire process and eradicate the fun involved.¬†
  • Ensure to select a great color that appropriately produces the intended design.
  • The right ink is fabric ink since many other ink types are not suited for stamping cloths.¬†
  • Ensure to wash the cloth before stamping to avoid damage to the name by particles that may be on the cloth.¬†
  • It is highly recommendable to test the stamper for clothesseveral times on paper before using it on the cloth.¬†
  • Applying the right pressure stamp on the cloth ensures that the ink prints.¬†
  • Wash the hands immediately if they come into contact with ink, and avoid touching the surface immediately after stamping.¬†
  • If an individual is planning to stamp on clothes that are dark in color, they should use the name stamp for clotheson white tags and then attach them to the cloth using an iron or hair straightener.
  • Dry the cloth sufficiently (3hours) before washing it.¬†

How Do You Stamp Black Clothes?

Stamping on black clothes should be an easy process. The process involves using a white printing tape to stamp on clothes that are dark or black. The user cuts the printing tap and puts it on the cloths. Afterward, they should heat the tape with iron and stamp it on it once it cools off.

How Do You Print a Name Stamp Tape?

How to use gogomum clothing label stamp

Name stamp tapes play an important part in labeling clothing such as school uniforms, kind clothing, face masks, and shoes, among other items. They achieve this by putting an ink imprint of the name on the intended fabric. They are quite easy to use and are highly durable. They have the capacity of withstanding a wash with water that has a temperature of up to ninety degrees. Further, they remain intact for up to over thirty washes. 

Printing a stamp tape is pretty simple. The process involves printing the words one is interested in printing on paper. Afterward, it is advisable to check and ensure that the font size is right or matches the tape's width. The next step involves covering the lines with the tape.

Afterward, run the tape back through the printer and position it similarly to before to print the output as the original text and on the tape. It is recommended to give the ink some time to dry. After the ink has dried, peel the tape away gently and then position it on the surface of interest (such as fabric, gift wrap, or a pencil, among other items). 


Name stamping is a critical process that is significant for enabling identification and avoiding unnecessary loss of items. However, getting the best names requires acquiring the best name stamp for clothes. Such will guarantee the best results while eliminating the occurrence of errors when printing the names on the clothes. At the same time, it is important to stick to the steps outlined throughout the article when stamping the names on the fabric.