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Do Clothing Stamps Wash Out?

Having the name stamp for clothes was a lifesaver, especially when you have a twin swapping clothes. But since having clothing stamps, we barely exchanged stuff again. 

Do Clothing Stamps Wash Out Easily?

The clothing stamps do not wash out easily, it can be used about 50 times. Having this name stamp for under $30 is a wiser option.

Why I Need A Clothing Stamp?

I am Gia, a 10-year-old student. I have a twin sister, Gea. Gea and I go to the same school and have the same academic program. 

We are identical twins, so all of our things are the same as each other, from personal kinds of stuff up to the things we need for school and, most importantly, clothes. We are also the same size. That's why we always switch things from one another, especially in a rush.

Life Without The Name Stamp

Just like on any other day when we woke up late and tried our best to move as fast as we could to get ready for school, my twin sister, for the nth time, accidentally wore my inner shirt for the uniform instead of hers, in the end, I was the one to wear hers. 

Swapping clothes and accidentally wearing each other's clothes have always been our problems. Our clothes get mixed up most of the time. 

How Name Stamp For Clothes Changes My Life

gogomum clothing stamp

One night when I surfed the internet for solutions to our problem, I saw a name stamp for clothes from gogomum. The site quickly caught my attention since it looked promising and looked like it was the answer to my problems. I scrolled through the site of GoGoMum and saw great reviews about their product.

I told my sister about it immediately so we could ask our mom and dad to buy it since exchanging stuff has been a lifelong problem for us. Our parents agreed to buy each of us these name stamps for clothes to help us solve this problem. 

Having a name stamp for clothes has never made our lives this easy. The names on the clothes made it easier to know who owned what, including the shirts and other garments, even if the room and the closet were messy.

Why I Love GoGoMum Clothing Stamp?

The thing that we all loved about this name stamp for clothes is that it is customizable. The design of the stamps was made originally for kids, and you can choose to have the cutest design for the outside of the case of the stamp but have the simplest stamp inside like just your name and a cute little emoji or symbol to come with your name. 

And the name stamp can be used a thousand times. It works on thin fabric and does not wash off easily.