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Do Name Stamp For Clothes Work?

If you ask me," Do name stamp for clothes work" ? My answer is yes! Name stamp for clothes works great!

Hi, I am Jessica Choi, a mother of a 4-year-old. I am a working mother who takes care of the house, family, and office work. 

As a mom, I need to ensure that my child gets the best in every way, from clothes and food to education. One thing that has improved my life is the gogomum name stamp for clothes.

The Reason Why I Need Name Stamp For Clothes

Like any other child, my child gets absentminded at times and forgets his belongings at school. Finding lost clothes or belongings from school, laundry, daycare, or anywhere can be difficult. 

Also, kids do not pay attention to what they are using. Sometimes, they tend to wear other clothes, etc., thinking it's theirs. Hence, I need to buy the name stamp for clothes which can be helpful. 

The main reasons why I need name stamp for kids clothes are:

1. Prevent Items From Getting Lost

Clothes, handkerchiefs, etc., can get lost easily. 

Children often leave these items in the school or the daycare. Having the name written on these clothing items can be quite helpful for me to find them easily. 

The school or daycare can contact me directly to return the items my child leaves behind. So, the chances of losing things are quite low.

2. Prevent Items From Being Used By others

Children generally have clothing items that are of similar sizes. Chances are quite high that the clothes can get mixed up. 

My child's shirt can get mixed up with someone else's. To prevent the items of my child from getting mixed up and used by others, I need to buy this name stamp for clothing. It will help the children to know to whom the clothes belong to. 

Do Name Stamp For Clothes Work For Me?

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Do name stamp for clothes work? In fact, the name stamp for clothes has helped me to improve my life. 

Being a mother of a 4-year-old, I often get stressed about lost clothing items or the items getting mixed up. The name stamp for clothes is a perfect solution to all these problems.

The name stamp has been a life-changing hack for me. 

The clothes often get mixed up or lost in the school, laundry and daycare. Previously, I used to use sewing labels or stick-on labels to mark my child's clothing items and ours. The stick-on labels get off easily, and sewing ones are complicated to use. 

Once I got a recommendation to use the name stamp for the clothing items, things seemed to be much sorted now.

If I compare the previous problems, my child used to lose clothing items very easily. Even the masks used to get mixed up, which can be quite harmful too. 

Kids do not pay much attention to their belongings, and the chances of losing them or mixing them up with other kids are quite high. 

But with the stamping system, my child and I can easily identify the belongings. Because of some of the amazing features of the name stamp, I find it truly helpful.

Features Of Name Stamps For Clothes

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1) Multiple Uses

One of the best features of this name stamp is that I can use it in different ways. 

I can stamp my child's name on his clothing items, such as shirts, masks, socks, shoes, etc. This is a life-changing hack as it helps me easily identify my kid's clothes. This also helps others to identify the belongings as ours if, by chance, the clothes get mixed up.

2) Customization

The best feature that I love about the name stamp is customization. 

You can customize the stamp according to your needs. You can add the name and contact details if you want. 

Also, I can customize the stamps in different languages. People can contact you to return the item if the clothing items get lost or mixed up. 

3) Easy To Use

The sewing labels or the stick-on labels can be problematic at times. But with the stamp labels, it is quite easy to apply and use. 

You just have to stamp it directly on the clothing material, and the name will be imprinted on the fabric. In case the items get misplaced or lost, the finder can easily contact me as I customize the contact details and the beholder's name. 

4) Last For A Long Time

One of the best things about this name stamp for kids clothes is that it can last for a long time. Even when you wash the clothes, the stamp remains there for a long time. 

It takes a lot of washing cycles to get the stamp out of the fabric completely. Hence, it doesn't get off easily, making it even more reliable for my child's clothing items. 

5) For Different Fabrics

What I liked the most about this name stamp is that it goes well with different fabrics. 

The stamp can go quite well, whether it is a cotton fabric, silk, or any fabric blend. Hence, I can use it on shoes and clothes, and masks. 

You can use these stamps on different items that use fabric materials, such as backpacks, pencil bags and more.

Answer to Do Name Stamp For Clothes Work

Clothing items getting lost or mixed up can be really stressful. It can have an adverse impact as well, especially for kids. 

In this pandemic situation, your kids should not use clothing items of others. I make sure that no one else uses my kid's items too. Thus, this name stamp for clothes has been quite helpful for me to mark all the clothing items with the name and contact number. 

Do name stamp for clothes work? Yes! It helps me a lot. Since using this stamp, I have prevented the clothing items from getting mixed up or lost by a huge percentage.