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How Can I Put My Kids Name On Clothes?

Are you losing your children's clothes at home, school, or daycare or having difficulties keeping track of them? Are you wondering about "how can I put my kids name on clothes?". Here comes the answer.

To ensure that you never misplace them or get them mixed up again, GoGoMum can let you imprint cute, customized labels on your kid's clothing. Start your adventure and pick one of the name stamp for clothes that the fans prefer.

How can I put my kids name on clothes?

Our Kid Loses His Coat All The Time

Every parent who has to label the outfits on their children needs a clothing stamp. People with children who attend school, elementary school, hobby clubs, or when planning a vacation needs it. Nothing is lost anymore! 

1) Mixing Of Clothes

Since most schoolchildren are the same size, your youngster may mistakenly wear someone else's garment. 

2) Losing Garments

It's time to stop your youngster from losing their clothes in school! They won't lose them as quickly if you stamp on their shoes or uniforms.

Solution To "How can I put my kids name on clothes"

To save the headache of wondering, "Whose clothing is this?," you can use a name stamp to create a label on their clothing, bags, or even shoes so your kid can correctly identify what belongs to him.

It's time to say goodbye to losing clothes! Note that you'll never again misplace or mix up your children's clothes after using GoGoMum name stamp that fits any personality on your family's clothing.

Features Of GoGoMum Name Stamp For Clothes

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· GoGoMum uses natural, high-quality, safe ink, so you have nothing to worry about. 

· The distinctive stamp is made to be waterproof. It won't fade for up to 50 washings, thus giving you a fantastic response to a well-known issue.

· For lightweight clothing, it is advised to use the white printing tape provided. We offers 20 cm free with every order, so they can 100% guarantee that its stamp won't go through thin clothing onto the other side.

· The usage of printing tape is not required, and the ink will not flow through thicker clothing. You could always stamp once more to keep the ink thicker, even if the initial impression fades.

· We support all major languages and unique letters like é and â. Therefore, you can create your fitting stamp right now with ease.

Benefits Of GoGoMum Name Stamp For Clothes

1) Up To 3,000 times reusable

You may use the name stamp up to 3,000 times!

To preserve quality, we advise storing the stamp at room temperature. One can stamp on anything besides apparel, such as backpacks, pencil cases, and even workbooks!

2) Has a clear impact even after 50 washes

You don't have to worry about repeatedly stamping it because it's waterproof for up to 50 washes. Unlike the stamps you typically use, the name stamp only needs to be used once to have an impact.

3) Simple to use

It's the quickest and easiest way to name-tag children's clothing. Apply the stamp to the clothing and click.

4) Washing and drying

You can dry stamped clothing in a tumble dryer or wash it in a machine. Take the name stamp and stamp the items after the imprint has been thoroughly cleaned. 

Based on the water, detergents, and so on, the imprint can withstand up to 50 washes.

5) Kids-friendly (allergy-free)

GoGoMum name stamp for clothes is safe for child's items. 

6) Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We promise that your items will meet your standards.

If something goes wrong, we address every complaint separately and work hard to satisfy the clients. We will provide you with a refund or a replacement if you are unsatisfied with the products.

In Summary

If you still don't how to put kids name on clothes. Try GoGoMum clothing stamp. The stamp is friendly to the environment and kids.

The items are sturdy, high-quality materials free of BPA and phthalates, and the stamps are non-toxic. All of the goods are kid-friendly because they all comply with regulatory standards.