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The Name Stamp Review from Cindy

I'm Cindy, I'm a mama too, and today we will be reviewing the GoGoMum name Stamp.

Are you looking for the ultimate mum hack? Then wait no more.

All You Need is a Name Stamp

Because I have got it for you. I tested GoGoMum name Stamps out and road-tested them for you. I think you're going to be really pleased with these. This company says you waste too much time sewing in, ironing on. All you need is a waterproof name stamp. This cloth marking stamp is all you need to name your kids' clothes, uniforms, toys, books, anything. This is the thing that you need.

I did a book, I did uniform, I did shoes, I did sun cream, I did hat, I went through everything. I'm gonna name it all. It's gonna look beautiful. I'm delighted at GoGoMum name Stamps.

You get these beautiful little stamps and a roll of tape. You're supposed to cut it, iron it on, let it cool, and then stamp. These are for if you've got thin clothes or dark uniforms, items and things like that. So you iron them on, and then you stamp. It just makes it show up a bit better. With my kid's uniforms and things like that, we are in reds or white most of the time, and if it is dark, there is a label in there that I can just stamp on anyway.

You get to design them however you want, so you can choose the casing. There are loads of different styles on their website. I obviously had to get them matching on a twin set. We've got a cat and a little mouse, and then you take the bottom off, there is the stamp inside. How cool is that.

I bought them for school uniform, and that is probably the sole purpose of why I got these because I am not a sewer, this for me is a win. I went to go stamp. What should I stamp first? I'll do it on a piece of paper. Give it a test. Go on a piece of paper, after three goes, they were pristine, I mean excellent quality. I was really quite surprised. I thought after the first one it'd stay like that, but no, they were so clear. I was really happy with them.

When I did it on the fabric itself on the back of the t-shirt, it was perfect. A good thing about this is that it's not going to come off in the wash. They actually claim that you can wash the item 50 times before it starts to fade away, which in my eyes is amazing.

Because I'm pretty sure the kids wear it once before it needs to go in the wash if it doesn't have soil on, it's got food on, it's got paint on, it's got drawing on, I mean if your kids are as mucky as mine, then this is the thing that you were going to need. So I found the stamp to work really well on paper, clothing, hat, anything like that, more like a fabric-y material was Brilliant.

Save Time and Money

This stamp is absolutely brilliant, and you need it in your life because it's gonna save you so much time, having to sew and sell tape and iron on all of the labels over the years, because this stamp will last a thousand times, a thousand stamps you've got in it. That's gonna last them until they come out at high school.

If you needed it to be on their bag, or even in your bag, you could have it on your keyring as well, which is super cute, and if you wanted, you could let the kids have a go at stamping all of their stuff Anyway, they want to put their names on everything.

So after stamping all of my little girls, I absolutely love these name stamps, and they are so cute to have in your little stationery kit. I have loved them, and I'm 100% gonna keep using them in the future because I'm lazy.


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