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Big Bows for Babies

Your baby won't be fully dressed without adorable big bows. GoGoMum™ Big bows for babies tend to make everything better. And, they can turn a basic outfit into an amazing work of art.

So, it doesn't matter whether she's sprouted a few hairs or started walking, she needs that cute set of big bows.

Big Oversized Baby Bows similing baby gogomum

Are Big Bows Safe for Babies? 

Baby bows, head wraps, and headbands are some of the most popular accessories for your little one. Baby bows are sometimes used to keep their little head warm. However, it is a great way to add style to your baby's outfit. 

Although the cuteness factor is undeniable, many parents wonder whether or not big bows are safe for their babies. In general, big bows for babies are quite safe when worn under proper supervision and sized accurately. 

The big bows that you get to see these days offer a variety of styles and fabrics. That way, you can have a diverse range of products to choose from. The big bows provide your child with the ultimate comfort and style that goes well with their preferences as well.

red big bows for babies

When Can Babies Start Wearing Big Bows? 

Another concern for many parents is when their babies can wear oversized bows. As you know, babies tend to have about 5% body weight compared to an adult at birth. And their heads half the size of an adult at birth. Also, they have certain soft portions on their head that grows fast within the first year.

There are important things to consider. It is better to use large bows after your baby's skull becomes more solid. 

Make sure that big bows for babies aren't too tight for your child. Watch out for signs such as if they cry, seem fussier, or take the bow off. It means that she isn't comfortable with the bow. Moreover, you shouldn't stretch a bow too far to fit it properly. 

big bows for babies infant gogomum

How to Choose An Oversized Baby Bow? 

Finding the right big bows for baby girl might be challenging. However, you can buy an oversized baby bow without trouble when you follow these tips.

  • Look out for the material -Always look for the soft touch that bows tend to offer. That way, your baby will be comfortable wearing them.
  • Go for vivid color -Because bows tend to complement the overall outfit, make sure to buy one with bright color. 
  • Don't ignore the size -Although it's a matter of preference, having a big bow makes your baby girl stand out from the rest. When sitting for a family photo, a big bow makes the picture pop. 

Are Big Bow Headbands Safe for Babies? 

Big bow headbands are extremely popular and there is no question about that. Moreover, the photoshoot of a baby girl month-by-month will tell you about its popularity. The large bows and the fun colors they bring make an outfit even more gorgeous. 

Big bow headbands are safe for baby girls. However, parents need to monitor their babies while they wear those headbands. That's because they can slip and cause devastating results. And you should remove them before your baby goes to sleep. 

Big Oversized Baby Bows purple color gogomum

Why Choose GoGoMum™ Big Bows for Babies?

All the cute big bows for babies are handmade with extreme love at GoGoMum. It is a unique brand that keeps quality in mind and creates remarkable products, especially for baby girls. Moreover, the baby bows and headbands are designed by professionals.

And, they are handmade by professional designers who have many years of experience. In short, you get quality and style from skilled workers whenever you buy an item from GoGoMum. Also, it is evident by the fact that we have become one of the most adored products in this industry. 

Big Oversized Baby Bows baby smiling gogomum

Every product is made with fabric that has a soft texture and is super stretchy. You can hand stretch the headbands with ease so that it fits right on your baby's head. With vivid colors and designs to choose from, you can never go wrong when you buy big bows and headbands for your baby.

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