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Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are important pieces of baby items used to clean your little one. You can use a burp cloth to wipe your baby after they spit-up. The situation arises when they are burped.

GoGoMum™ bibs & burp cloths are soft enough to take care of your child's delicate skin. Also, it acts as a strong shield for you because you are burping the baby. Burp cloth bib is good to buy burp cloths that are large, absorbent, and soft.

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What Are Burp Cloths

Being parents, you are familiar with the inevitable ritual called burping. Every time after feeding your baby, you need to burp them.

Because of burping, the excess gas present in your baby's stomach comes out. And, it saves your baby from the discomfort that they might experience later.

However, on rare occasions, this process can make your baby spit-up. And, the situation gets messy when you hold your baby on your shoulders. As such, your clothes are bound to get stained while your little one spits. So, how do you cope up with this situation?

The answer to this problem is using burp cloths. A burp cloth helps your clothes from getting dirty because of your baby's spits. In short, burping cloth helps you avoid soiling and keeps your clothes clean. Burp cloths have significant importance, and you shouldn't ignore them.

Are Burping Cloths Necessary? 

For new moms and dads, you are probably making every effort to provide your little one with comfort. And, you have certain baby items that you use for them. One of the important baby items constitutes burping cloths. Burp cloths play a significant role in your lives as parents.

Burping cloths are one of the important baby items that are used to clean up your babies. In general, the cloths are used to wipe babies because they tend to spit when burping. Another reason that makes them an important item is that you need to use them for about 6 to 9 months.

Or as long as your baby needs burping. When your baby learns to move around, burping isn't required. And, the need for burp cloths vanishes as well. 

What Do You Use Burp Cloths For?

The primary purpose of burping cloths is to protect your clothes from your baby's spit-ups. When you feed your infant, whether, through a bottle or breastfeeding, you need to burp them.

Babies tend to swallow air while drinking. Because too much air cause discomfort in their tummy, you need to burp them.

Burping cloths are protective wear for you and your baby to keep the spit-ups off your clothes. But there are other uses of burp cloths. Here are some ways through which you can use this cloth effectively.

  • To wipe your baby's hand when they start to eat solids
  • To wipe the drool after your little one starts teething
  • As a thin blanket for summer 
  • As a bib, especially if you are on the go

Is Muslin Good for Burp Cloth? 

Yes, muslin burp cloths are great. In general, burp cloths made from cotton muslin or other materials such as terry cloth are recommended. That's because they are gentle on your baby's sensitive skin. Also, they are breathable.

Furthermore, muslin burp cloths lasts long and is a good choice if your baby has a certain skin condition. Muslin doesn't cause redness or rash as well. The cloth absorbs the spit-ups quickly without making them roll down your shoulders and causing a mess.

How Many Burp Cloths Does A Baby Need?

The number of burp cloths that you need for your baby depends on two important things:

  • How frequent your baby spits up
  • And, how frequently do you clean the cloth

In general, you may need 8 to 14 burp cloths. It is a good idea to have as many as you can have so that you don't fall short. Many parents tend to clean the cloth after every feed and keep a spare one if needed.

Moreover, newborn babies feed anywhere between 8 and 12 times every day. But it doesn't mean they spit up every time they are fed. So, if they don't spit up frequently, how many burping cloths do you need exactly? And, what about the requirement for twins?

In general, parents with multiple babies don't need to double the number of burping cloths their children would share. But it is good to have a separate pack reserved for them.

GoGoMum™ burps cloths will keep you baby clean in cozy. Available in a variety of trendy colors and patterns perfect for any baby girl or baby boy. Free Shipping and Return. We also provide baby bandana bibs and big bows for babies.

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