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Name Stamp For Clothes

The Best Quick & Easy Name Stamp for Clothes. If you are worried that your child will mess up or lose things at school or at home,you must use our cute stamps, which are very convenient. SHOP clothing stamps now. GoGoMum™ name stamp can also be used for books , school bags, socks, etc. Avoid The Lost & Found & Mix. Stamp name in one second. 💖Solution for marking all light & Dark Clothes.

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Squirrel & Cat Stamper For Clothes
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Cute Animal Clothing Stamp
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Best Kids Name Stamp for Clothes

GoGoMum™ name stamp is pretty much a personalized stamp that you can use to put your child's name, it is used for clothing. You will love the clothing stamp because it stays on the clothes for up to 50 washes. It is also earth-friendly, so you can refill the ink whenever you run out. The name stamps are so adorable. You open it from the bottom, and then you can see the name on there. This is what was personalized on it.

gogomum name stamp for clothes is good

The Great Features of GoGoMum™ Name Stamp for Clothes

The great features of GoGoMum™ clothing stamp are that as following:

  • It's laundry safe.
  • It's long lasting, each stamp will last about 50 washes.
  • It's self inking.
  • There's no bleeding.
  • Of course it's backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Each stamp is quality checked by one of our stamp specialists before it mails out to you.

You can also see our clearly stated instructions which will tell you exactly how to use your custom clothing stamp.

How the Name Stamp for Clothes Works

It's pretty basic and straightforward. All you have to do is stamp it onto your clothes, preferably not on any tags and straight on the clothes, so we have several different little icons. We have all kinds of icons. All you do is stamp it on your clothes, and it is very easy to keep your child's clothing from going missing or being confused.

You can also get 50cm white printing tape, it’s for stamping darker colored clothing.

kids love gogomum clothing stamp

GoGoMum™ custom clothing stamp is the perfect solution for labeling all your kids' tagless clothing.

“Personally, I was going to use it, I had the full intention of sending my son to school this year, but because of covid and several different circumstances, I decided to home school, but I do have a little nephew who is three years old, my little nephew is pretty close to the same sizing as my son, and a lot of the times I do shop for them, and I buy them the same thing. So I don't want to confuse things. Sometimes I mix the clothes up. So I found it very easy to use this to stamp my son's clothes, and that way it doesn't get misplaced or doesn't get mixed up with my little nephews. So I absolutely love these stamps. They do last on the clothes for a total amount of 50 washes, which is pretty cool, and then all you have to do is just pretty much stamp it again, when you do run out of ink, it is refillable. Thank you GoGoMum"-from Happy customer Phylicia

FAQ-GoGoMum™ Stamper for Clothes

How to Use GoGoMum™ New Clothing Stamp?

(If you are stamping darker clothing, pls use white printing tape)

1.If the clothes you are stamping are new, please wash them first.
2.Press down on the stamp firmly to mark your clothes. We recommend stamping your name inside the hem or on a less noticeable area on the item.
3.Once clothing is stamped, please wait 24 hours before washing.

How Many Uses and Washes is the Clothing Stamp Good for?

The clothing stamp can be used for up to 3 thousands applications and will last about 50 washes. To get the most out of your name stamp we recommend washing with a cold cycle.

How Do I Apply the Name Stamp for Clothes?

For best results we recommend stamping on lighter color clothing. For darker colored items that's when you'll take white printing tape, you'll simply iron the tape onto the shirt and then stamp the label on top.

Stamp applications should be done on a hard flat surface, and using light to medium pressure.

Is the Clothing Stamp Customizable?

Yes, your clothes stamp is customizable. You can add any text you like, and even a phone number.

Is It Permanent?

Yes. Once the stamp is on your kids' clothes, it's there to stay. It will not run or bleed.

Is It Self Inking?

The cute stamp is preloaded with black ink, so that means no mess and you don't have to worry about a drying pad.

What Fabrics Can You Stamp?

For best results, we recommend stamping smooth flat fabrics.

Will Clothing Stamp Show Through on Thin or Light Fabrics?

For thinner fabrics, we recommend stamping where the fabric is doubled up, like a seam or collar or the an alternative would be to use the iron on labels that come with your stamp. To be totally honest, the stamp may show through, but no more so than the manufacturer's neckline tag.

Why a Clothing Stamp?

You can label a pile of clothes at record speed, and you don't have to worry about anything going missing.