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Cute Animal Clothing Stamp

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178 reviews

The Best Clothing Stamp

No garment will be left without identification!

best name stamp for clothes

💯 100% Customisable
😀  High-quality material
🌸 Non-toxic
👍 Includes ink for up to 3000 markings
🧼 Washable for up to 50 times by hand or washing machine
🤝 Works on dark and thin fabric
🎁 FREE Gifts and Free shipping
🏝️ Easier, cleaner and more user-friendly
💵 15-day money-back guarantee
❤️ No risk trial

🔥 92% customers bought 2 or more 🔥
Buy 2 or more name stamps.
Get FREE Name Stickers (80pcs) for each stamp.

🆘 Lost Track of Your children's Clothes Again?

Have trouble in making and identifying all the clothes and belongings of your baby?
Have trouble in identifying all the belongings of your children or the whole family?

Or what about school supplies? Books, notebooks, folders and more - how many times have you had your child lose a book because they swapped it with a classmate or forgot it at school?

💡 We Are Here To Solve It! Get Rid of Headache

Meet GoGoMum™ Clothing Stamps 
Try Our clothing Stamp, it's a must have for labeling kids' clothes and belongings.
Identify all your little ones' clothes with our fabulous name stamps.
Never Lose or Mix Them Again !

🧙🏻‍♂️ You'll Have Everything Marked As If By Magic!

When the school season arrives, it's also time to identify all the clothes and books of the little ones in the house. But it doesn't have to be a nightmare anymore, now with fully personalized name stamps, you'll have all the clothes, notebooks and books marked so easily and quickly, it will be like magic.

It allows for easy identification and marking of garments. The ink can adhere perfectly to different surfaces so it won't matter if you want to mark a t-shirt, a hoodie, or a book.

best name stamp for clothes

 👍 GENIUS Parent Hack

Stamp Name in One Second.
Makes labeling kid's clothes a breeze.
The perfect solution to say goodbyeto your little ones' mixed up or misplaced clothes.

These clothing stamps have proven to be the fastest and most practical way of all. Not only that, they come in colorful and fun presentations.

how to use name stamps

“This clothing stamp has been great for me to label the girls clothes. I have found it a particularly useful stamp for pre-school, it’s been used on coat, shoes, hat, spoons for lunch, everything! ”-Maria

✨ Features of Clothing Stamp

✅ Quick and Clean
You only need to choose the place where you want to stamp it and that's it!
Can be used on different surfaces.
Print well. No smudges.

✅ Washable and Long-Lasting
Remain in perfect condition after washing
The ink stays on the clothing for up to 50 washes.
Need to wait 24 hours later.

it can be washable

✅ Reusable and Environmental friendly
GoGoMum™️ kids clothing stamp can be used about 3000 times.
You can re-fill the stamp with ink so you avoid plastic waste.

✅ Adorable Designs & Completely Customizable
Our clothing stamps are available in a wide variety of styles that will capture even your child's heart ! You can also choose the the icons you want to go with the names.

cute name stamp for clothes gogomum name stamp

The adorable designs are made with the different personalities of your little ones in mind. We offer a lot of fun designs so you can not only make quick work of it but also involve the kids in the process so they can identify their garments quickly, even if they can't read.

✅ Quality is Guaranteed
The clothing stamp is made of the best quality plastic and is also resistant.

High-density rubber is used so that the name has maximum definition whether on fabric or paper.You won't have to go to great lengths to get your items properly stamped.

Although our name stamps guarantee a uniform inking, we recommend that you do it on a flat surface for best results.

🎁 Time Limited Free Gifts with Clothing Stamp

  • 50cm(20in) white printing Tape
  • 1PC clothing stamp storage bag or box 

When you purchase clothing stamp from GoGoMum™️, you get free gifts from us.
We want to say thank you for supporting a small business! ❤️

You Can Use Clothing Stamp on Black &Thin Clothes 

Our name stamps come with a white thermo-adhesive tape, ideal for using the stamp on dark or thin garments.

Using it will also be like magic:

  • Cute the tape
  • Iron it on Clothes
  • After it cools off, stamp on it

how to use name stamp for clothes gogomum name stamp on dark clothes

😃 Why Choose GoGoMum Clothing Stamp?

Our aim is to offer a product that makes it easier to recognize clothes and other everyday objects and at the same time offers a beautiful, high-quality design that children will love... and parents too!

Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why all orders come with a 15-day money back guarantee. If the product does not meet your expectations, you can return it and get refund.

If you are worried that your child will mess up or lose things at school or home, you must stamp names which is very convenient. GO GO MUMS! Your Kids Will Love This!

Whether you need to label clothing for camp, school, or daycare. Our clothing stamp is the fastest solution. Shop for Clothing Stamp at the best online shopping store.

gogomum name stamp for clothes name stamper clothing label stamp

So, don't hesitate! Let our clothing stamps work their magic on every garment of the spoiled of the house and forget about spending a lot of time identifying their clothes.

Welcome the magic with our stamps!

What's Included?

  • 1x GoGoMum™ name stamp for clothes (Pre-inked, can be used 3000 times)
  • 20in of white tape (for printing on black & thin clothes)
  • 1x clothing stamp storage bag(random style) or box
  • 15-day money back guarantee

FAQ for Clothing Stamp

Is clothing stamp safe?

Yes. The ink is non-toxic. Our clothing stamps are made with children's well-being in mind, their use will not affect their health and we will take care of the most sensitive skins.

Does it fade after washing?

Our unique ink for clothing stamp is waterproof. The indelible ink of these clothing stamps holds up to 3000 uses and can remain on clothes for up to 50 washings, its prolonged time is guaranteed on every garment or object.

Can I use clothing stamp on thin clothes?

Yes. You can stamp on thin clothes with our clothing stamp. However, we recommend using the FREE 20in white tape that comes with every order to prevent ink from passing through the clothes.

Can I use clothing stamp on dark clothes?

Yes, you can stamp on dark clothes with our clothing stamp.

How many letters can I put on the clothing stamp?

You can enter up to 15 letters. 

Although it is necessary to mention that the fewer letters, the better definition

Different punctuation marks and numbers are supported. For example, special letters (é, â, etc.), numbers and symbols.

How many days do I have to wait to receive the clothing stamp?

We Ship Worldwide
Our shipping times are 7-15 business days.

Best Clothing Stamp

Are you looking for the quickest and easiest way to identify your clothing? Our clothing stamps will save you lots of time. Check out GoGoMum™ clothing stamp selection for the best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our name stamp shops.

Just press down clothing tag stamp on your clothing and release. You can choose from our large selection of images to add to your imprint.

Do you want an easy way to pair socks?
Do you want an easy way to know that it’s yours?
Let’s stamp all your clothes.

The clothing label stamp can be used for about 3000 applications. You can customize it however suits your needs, whether it's your kids’ first name and last name, their last name and phone number, or even an organization. 

Will Last About 50 Washes

Its long-lasting ink will only start to fade away after 50 washes. 

How to Use Clothing Stamp for Best Results

For best results, place your piece of clothing on a hard flat surface and firmly press the clothing stamper onto the clothing. Please also wait 24 hours before washing the clothes. The black ink works on light-colored or white clothing. For dark clothing, we highly suggest applying one of our permanent iron on labels available on our website. For thin and light materials we recommend stamping on lining such as the seam or collar.

Clothing Stamp Review from Swasey

I want to show you something adorable, and it's the name stamp from GoGoMum™. They have tons of cute clothing stamps. In their site, they have tons of choices you can choose, and there's tons of different styles of their name stamps. 

Especially if you love to do crafting in the diys, this is going to help you guys and I love it. 

This clothing stamp is reusable. You don't need to throw it away because they're saving the earth or any plastic and stuff. I love that because you can reuse the clothing stamp label. You can just repurchase the ink and then refill it to this name stamp.

Mom Bought Clothing Stamp for Her Girls

I’m a mom of two girls, Alice is 23 months and Nina is seven months. If you have ever been to any place where you take your toddler or your child, then you know that you have to label everything, whether it be dance class, gymnastics daycare, summer camp, your child's name is going to wind up on everything, like I did, I had to put Alice's name on every tag of everything.

I'm actually going to review the name stamp and give you an honest review of a very cute little clothing stamp that is designed to label your children's belongings.

GoGoMum Clothing Stamp is Very Cute

First things first, the name stamp has very cute designs for their stamps. Mina's is designed as a little owl clothing stamp. There's no ink pad that you need, it's literally just you stamp it on the clothing and call it a day. 

It includes clothing tags that you can iron on.

I like the designs, I particularly love the fact that I could get zodiac signs for my girls. I love having the little fish and a little crab arena, I am a nerd. 

Test Clothing Name Stamp on Paper

So the first thing that is suggested is to test name stamp for clothing out on paper to get the ink going. I tested it on paper to see what it looked like, and I also had Alice help me stamp it a couple of times, because she is a busy buddy and needs things to do.

Does Clothing Stamp Work on Dark Clothes?

I started with the paper towel. I have lots of different swatches of fabric, so I figured I would test stamp for clothing on a dark color and a light color. Because I wanted to see whether it would bleed through clothes and if those tags that you put into the white clothes actually hold up in the wash. 

So the first thing I did was go ahead and stamp my dark-colored fabric. I checked the dark-colored fabric with stamp on it, both front and back. I can see how visible it is from the inside of the clothes and from the outside of the clothes. I find that it actually was pretty good about not being smudgy, and also the fact that it's pretty obvious. 

Does Clothing Stamper Work on Light Clothes?

The next test that I did was actually on the white fabric. I just put the clothing stamper straight onto the white cloth, this is regular cotton, so it's the type of fabric that you might have children's clothes in, and you can actually see it holds up well, but you definitely can see it on the backside of the fabric. So I would not use this clothing name stamp on light-colored fabric for sure without the tags, but nice enough, that's also included with the name stamp when they send it to you.

How to Use Iron-on Tags

I also ironed the tags on, and here's my tip for you with these particular tags. 

First things first, make sure you iron it first. I was a dummy and not paying attention, and I tried to stamp it and then iron it, and that didn't work well. 

I should have known better because I do sew. So I went ahead and I ironed both of these on the dark fabric and the light fabric. Then I stamped it on, once it had completely cooled and that's actually what they recommend doing.

You gotta label stuff, especially for daycare and camp, and the nicu there's no choice you gotta label it. So having it where you can't see it on the outside is nice. 

Something else I was particularly concerned about was that I have two girls. I plan to use my clothes for both girls, so having something that's not going to stain forever was helpful for me. I like these iron-on tags. Honestly, I probably would use the iron-on tags for most things. However, even without the iron-on bit underneath it, it holds up pretty well. 

Washable Clothing Label Stamp

So it looks nice, but how does this do after a wash? I went ahead and threw it in as a regular wash cycle and put it in with some regular soap, just to see how it would hold up. After I took it out of the wash, so I went ahead ran the cycle came back in 36 minutes, and checked it again. When I pulled it out of the wash, it looked great. It didn't smudge at all, and it actually held up very well. 

Don’t Push Clothing Stamps Down Too Hard

As far as tips for bleeding go, I only had issues with smudging and bleeding when I was pushing down clothing stamp too hard . Specifically this happened when I was using the tags. These tags right here that go inside of the clothing, the iron-on ones, if you push down too hard, on this it just gets too much ink on it, and it won't dry, and it'll smudge. 

So be very careful if you do get one that you don't push down too hard on them. 

Clothing Stamp is A Help to Label Things

I think personalized clothing stamp is pretty cool. I'm excited to use it, especially considering that Alice is about to start dance class, and I know I'm going to have to label things. I really like this clothing name stamp, and I think it will hold up well in the wash inevitably when she gets things dirty or stinky. 

If you are looking for something to label your clothes, this clothing stamp is an option for you that you can reuse. I know for me having an infinite number of things that I can label because it's a stamp. It is nice as opposed to one set of stickers. 

What you need to do a perfect stamp comes from the company GoGoMum™. I also chose to stamp a pair of socks to make it easier to pair them after washing. GoGoMum™ clothing stamp is the quickest and easiest way to label clothing in no time. You can order the name stamp on their website.

What Did Tania Say About Clothing Name Stamp

We are going to review my favorite purchase of the year so far, and it is a product from the GoGoMum™ name stamp.

Clothing Stamps for Daycare

If your kids go to daycare, as my daughter lily, you would know that having absolutely everything labeled is very important. I was using iron-on labels for Lily's clothes, and I also get them online, but they are basically like stickers, and then you just use the iron to stick them on.

But they're starting to come off, not all of them, though some of them really lasted so long. 

I happened to see the ad about this one, the name stamp, and it interested me. This is a clothing stamp that you can use to label your kids’ clothes, and I've also tried labeling shoes with this one, and it worked perfectly.

I Love Personalized Clothing Stamp

You can customize your kids clothing stamp. For my one, I got a small panda on it, and you can use them on semi-dark clothes as well. I've also labeled Lily's socks with these. The socks have already been in the washer and in the dryer multiple times, and the anchors are still there. 

Some Tips for Stamping

Just a tip though, for the first time that you're using the clothing stamp, make sure that you use it on a piece of paper first, and not directly on a clothing.

Because I found that there was too much ink the first time that I used it, it actually penetrates through the clothing. 

Another tip also is that make sure to stamp on the linen itself and not on the label. Because what happens is that it smudges the ink just as much as when you stamp it on the label. 

You can choose so many different designs and characters for the stamp. And it comes with a 50 centimeter thin sticker or thin label for dark clothing. The idea of this is that you stick this first on the dark clothing, and then you use the stamp.

If it's a darker clothing, you can use this thin sticker strip. Once your sticky is on, I recommend you wait for it to cool down before you stamp on it, or should we give it a go.

Kids Clothing Stamp Is Easy to Use

Even your kids can label their clothes themselves. It's convenient, and it takes just a few seconds to do it. Clothing label stamp works on socks as well and in small areas.

Does Permanent Clothing Stamp Work Well?

We've labeled a few clothes, put them in the wash, and see that they definitely don't come off after being in the wash. Our labeler is still there, it's pretty good, it's not coming off. 

So I've got all the clothes that we've just labeled and they're already drive, put them in the dryer, and see they still have the label on them, the ink is still very good, it's still dark enough. It doesn't come off. This has been washed and put in the dryer and they're still there.

And for the one with the iron-on label for darker clothes, make sure that you wait for it to cool down before you use the stamp, otherwise, it creates as much like this one here.

Highly Recommend

I definitely recommend this permanent clothing stamp again from the name stamp, definitely worth your money. I think it is more cost-effective than the iron-on labels, because you can use clothing name stamps multiple times instead of purchasing a sheet at the time.

So, in general, I'm really happy with clothing stamp, and I find it more convenient and easier. It takes less time to label your clothes. Check their website for more labeling options for your clothing.

Clothing Stamp for Teacher

I'm here to review a product called GoGoMum™ name stamp, it's a clothing stamp. You can customize your name stamp and order different style stamps. So the first style I chose was a panda bear name stamp, and this one says Miss Thomas, because I am a teacher, and I'm teaching pre-k, so it just has a smiley face with my name Miss Thomas. 

And the other one I ordered was a cute cat name stamp. It just has my full name on it. So how I will be using this stamp in my classroom is to label things that are mine. 

I use this name stamp to label things like my personal books. Typically, I would write miss Thomas on the back or the inside, but this stamp with name makes it so much easier to stamp and go, so I already stamped the book to test it out. Somebody opens it up, it's my books.

I'm going to demonstrate how to stamp a book right. It is simple and easy to use the name stamp.

You can use this custom name stamp for various things. Let's say you're a parent, and you know bringing your child to school or daycare, you can have their name on the clothing stamp, and you can use it to put their name on their tags or their backpacks or things like that. 

It doesn't come off easily. It has quite a few washes before it wears off. I think there's a lot enough for you to buy it. You can use it to label your child's things when they're going to school, so you don't have to write their names out on every single thing. 

You stamp their jacket tags or backpack and different things like that. So your child, you, and even a teacher know whose item it is.

If you like this clothing stamper, like I said, I like clothing stamp label. It's easy, I can use custom name stamp for certificates when they're graduating pre-k or kindergarten. It's a section that says teacher stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp, I'm done. I'll have to keep writing it out in different things like that. So it's cute, it's easy, it's just something that makes life easier.

See more reviews about name stamp here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews

You can personalised them with your favourite design


This name stamp has been great for me to label the girls clothes. Especially as its getting hotter and we are taking sun hats and other items out and about, its nice to know they are all named and unlikely to get mixed up with someone elses belongings.
Iv found it a particularly useful stamp for pre-school, its been used on Mabels coat, shoes, hat, spoons for lunch, everything! Its not come off a single item which is fantastic!
With Mabel off to school this year its great to know Iv got a quick and easy way to label her clothes and school pieces.


This afternoon we label all of River's nursery clothes with this name stamp


Name stamps for your kids! Perfect for labeling daycare or school stuff. Works well on fabric too. These cute name stamps are especially helpful when you have multiple little ones.


The stamp came sooner than expected. Very good quality and it was used on fabric and paper and left no smudges. Highly recommended!