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Nursing Sports Bra

Having endured the pain of labor and postpartum experience, you now need to get your health back on track. But there's no way you can breastfeed with your old sports bra. So, do you give up on working out for another few months? Or do you keep changing your bra to adjust feeding time? With the option of nursing sports bra you don't need to worry anymore!

Nursing Sports Bra are designed for your extra-sensitive boobs, catering to both comfort and necessity. Let's explore how these maternity sports bra work for feeding mothers. 

grey color nursing sports bra

Are Nursing Sports Bra Necessary?

You have taken all the pain to shed those excess bulges to get in shape over the years. Your entry into motherhood should not stand in the way of your health.

To ensure that you breastfeed while maintaining a daily workout schedule, you need a nursing-friendly sports bra. A regular nursing or sports bra will not get your job done.

Sports bra in general lead to painful clogged ducts, while regular nursing bras don't help during workouts. That's why you need nursing sports bra, which takes care of both feeding and exercise endurance. 

How do Nursing Sports Bra Work?

Nursing sports bras function to support your breasts during exercise while simultaneously offering comfort during feeding. They are designed to offer lower compression that comes with normal sports bra when engaged in physical activity.

Additionally, they come with broader straps to reduce localized pressure on shoulders due to heavier breasts. And the fact that the design of nursing sports bras features front clips for nursing acts as an added advantage.

Maternity sports bra don't compromise on fashion or functionality, offer you access to both exercise and feeding as a new mother. 

maternity sports bra

Why is Nursing Sports Bra a Game-Changer for Active Mom?

Earlier, even if postpartum women wanted to exercise and feed, normal sports bras would put their health at risk. They would be susceptible to experiencing breast soreness and sensitivity due to breastfeeding.

Nursing sports bra provides support for feeding and a physically active lifestyle has become a game-changer. Active moms no longer have to give up on their day-to-day exercise routine just to sit and feed.

Breastfeeding sports bra' unique design allows a new mom to look after her health without compromising her baby's.

Does Wearing a Nursing Sports Bra Lower Supply of Milk?

No, a normal sports bra can't lower milk supply, but it may clog the breasts to prevent milk supply. However, these nursing sports bras are specifically designed to ensure smoother milk flow.

buy breastfeeding sports bra

Can I Wear a Sports Bra While Breastfeeding?

A normal sports bra provides added support during workout by compressing your breasts. Therefore, it is should not be used while breastfeeding.

On the other hand, nursing sports bra will refrain from such pressure, allowing proper milk supply. So, you can opt for breastfeeding sports bra instead. 

How to Shop for the Best Nursing Sports Bras?

While shopping for nursing sports bras, remember to take into account milk supply in your breasts. Also, the kind of workout you want to engage in matters. So, look for such unique bras that offer the best support, coverage, front clips and bands (for underside support). 

How Many of Nursing Sports Bra Do I Need?

You will need at least a set of 3 of these bras to cater to your daily requirements. 

How Do You Know if Nursing Sports Bra Fits Well?

  • Your selected bra shouldn't enhance bouncing or rub, or slide during high-impact workouts. 
  • It should fit well and be easy to take off or put on. 
  • Also, ensure that you can whip out your breasts conveniently for feeding. 
white nursing sports bra

Why Choose GoGoMum™ Nursing Sports Bra?

GoGoMum™  wide array of nursing sports bra are specifically designed to provide you with comfort and functionality.

You don't need to give up on your health while taking care of the little one anymore. We provide these aesthetically pleasing bras to ensure you don't experience pain or discomfort during any physical activity.

 Also, you don't have to change into a separate nursing bra if your baby demands milk while you are working out.

Made quality fabrics, our nursing sports bras come in specific designs to maximize support and comfort. Moreover, you can select from our huge range of colors to complement your existing workout outfits. 

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