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Pumping Bra

GoGoMum™ Pumping bras are designed to keep your pump in place while giving busy moms the valuable gift of time back by freeing up their hands. With the patented design features, you can wear the same bra all day (or all night) long for pumping, nursing, or both at the same time!

Women can only perform their professional, personal, or home/kitchen-related tasks and activities when their hands are free. A pumping bra is designed to support the breasts in a way that the hands of freed, and breast pumping is more comfortable and manageable.

hands free pumping bra

How Does A Pumping Bra Work?

pumping bra can convert an electric pump into a hands-free pumping machine. These bras consist of small holes or slits that are located around the nipple area. The flanges of the electric pump can slip through these holes easily and can hold their position appropriately.

Therefore, the use of the bra ensures that your hand is free for any other task, while breast pumping is carried out almost automatically.

Is Pumping Bra Worth It?

Women and moms can perform pumping of the breasts by using breast pumps. However, they have to remain still during the period. Pumping bra can be a worthwhile investment, as it would free the hands.

In this way, women do not have to give a separate time to pumping of the breast and can carry on with their usual activities while the pump takes care of the task.

When Should I Buy A Pumping Bra?

Pumping bra may be used once the baby is born. It can be purchased at the end of pregnancy. You can also buy the bra 1 or 2 weeks after the baby is born to ensure that you find the right size. The size of the breast of women varies once breastfeeding starts, as the breasts have to adjust to the demands of the newborn.

The breasts will settle (in their size) by the end of the second week. Therefore, it can be the most appropriate time to purchase a breast pumping bra. It will ensure that the bra is comfortable to wear for a long period, and you do not have to change it again.

How To Choose The Best Pumping Bra?

Pumping bras are quite popular today as many women also carry out their professional and other responsibilities at home. 

  • The hands free pumping brashould be comfortable to wear. The use of materials including spandex and nylon provides the bra with more stretchability and also ensures that the bra lasts for a long time.
  • Compatibility with the electric breast pumps is essential. It will ensure that the pumping activity can be carried out easily and without any hassles when the pump is used.
  • The presence of the "no-slip support" feature ensures that the bra can provide the necessary peace of mind, which is needed when the pumping process is done.
  • The best pumping brashould be made of materials that are devoid of any toxic or allergic effects. Ensure that the bra does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • The use of quality materials will ensure that the hands free breast pump bracan retain its shape even after prolonged usage and after multiple washing.
best pumping bras gogomum

Why Do Moms Choose GoGoMum Pumping Bra ?

GoGoMum™ are the best brand that can offer you quality pumping bras that have all the features you desire and even more.

Our pumping bras have patented features and are comfortable to wear as they are made of quality materials. The bras can retain their shape and make it easy for women to carry out multitasking.

Our pumping bras are made using materials that are not toxic or allergic to the skin. Women choose us because of our trustworthiness and because of the reliability that we have accumulated by offering quality products that serve the purpose time after time without any troubles.

A pumping bra ensures that the pumping is done automatically, and you can also carry on with your other usual day-to-day activities. Get Yours NOW.

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