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Swaddle Blanket

Sleeping is crucial for your little one because it contributes to their development. Hence, when it comes to choosing swaddle blankets, you should prioritize comfort. 

Of all the baby blankets that you find around, a swaddle blanket is the most preferred one. It provides a soothing environment for your baby to enjoy sound sleep for longer hours. 

What is Swaddling? 

It means wrapping your baby in a blanket securely, their head peeks out. And, the best part of their body is snugged comfortably inside the blanket. As a result,  baby feels like they are still inside your womb. Most of the babies are swaddled during the first few weeks after birth. 

Newborn Swaddle Blanket help baby to enjoy sound sleep

This process is ancient. The main purpose of the swaddle is to keep it snug. 

The transition is important so that they can get enough time to use their arms and hands freely. Also, they need to adjust the position of their head when they make attempts to roll over from one side to another. Remember that your baby starts to roll over around 2 to 3 months of age.

Are Swaddle Blankets Safe for Newborns? 

Yes, swaddle blankets are completely safe for newborns.

However, there are certain aspects that you need to consider when buying one. That way, your baby would remain safe and get the right comfort. Because nobody knows your baby better, you should make every effort to ensure that the swaddle blanket is the right one for your newborn.

As said, swaddle blankets are safe for babies. But you should do swaddling in the right way to avoid certain unpleasant conditions. Situations that make the process dangerous include the following.

  • Bundling your baby in many layers of cloth
  • Wrapping the swaddle blanket loosely or tightly
  • Binding the hips and legs inappropriately result in issues with hip development 
  • Continue swaddling even when your baby can rollover

You need to know that swaddle blankets don't threaten the newborn. The only thing you need to do is buy a swaddle blanket of the highest quality to provide your baby with the proper comfort. 

What is the Point of a Swaddle Blanket? 

A swaddle blanket is preferred to keep little one warm.

Parents need to provide a safe space for your baby to have a sound sleep. That way, any soft objects or loose bedding won't do the trick.

This is where a swaddle blanket saves your day. Sleeping is an integral part of baby's development.

GoGoMum Swaddle blankets are the best baby items that provide your infant with the right comfort. These blankets are made of soft, breathable materials that keep your baby relaxed. 

GoGoMum Swaddles blankets

Should All Babies Be Swaddled? 

Always remember that if your baby is comfortable with swaddling, all you have to do is follow the process so that your baby can get the right comfort. 

A great-quality swaddle blanket provides your baby with the ideal comfort that ordinary brands fail to deliver.  These blankets provide are effective from the calming point of view.

The Benefits of Baby Swaddling

Baby swaddling has many benefits.

  • Swaddled babies tend to experience less anxiety
  • Swaddled babies sleep soundly and longer
  • Because of swaddling, your baby doesn't need to wake up unnecessarily. The wake-ups are because of the startle reflex
  • When you use a swaddle, you don't need to add other comfort items into your baby's crib. These include pillows, stuffed animals, bumpers, and so on.
  • They can't scratch their face
  • Wearing a swaddle blanket helps to maintain your baby's sleeping position 
  • swaddling replicates touch, and it is important for your baby especially when they are awake at night
  • When swaddled, babies feel safer and more secure than they felt inside the womb
  • It is not that babies are benefited from swaddling. Parents are benefited as well. When babies sleep more, both mom and dad can sleep more as well
  • swaddling provides the proper sleeping position for your baby

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