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Baby Jumper and Swing

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Jumper is your baby's first sports exerciser. 🌈 

It is a device with a spring, which is mounted in the doorway, on the sports complex, playground and other stable structures. The child is fastened in the seat-pants and can jump or swing, pushing off the floor.Children have an innate reflex, due to which they begin to push off their feet as they feel the solidity. On this principle the Jumper is designed. That's why it is quite easily to teach a baby to jump. We just need to shake it up and down from the floor, and then it's a matter of innate skills.

Jumper improves baby's movements coordination. A child is happy, while learning to control his/her own body. And you learn how to enjoy communication with your child, and love each other even more. Our exerciser is the first link in the chain of kid's future sports hobbies, such as roller skates, skis, bicycle.

Are jumpers suitable for your child?
❤. Jumpers may be used from 3months-2year (to 13kg.  28.6 ib )
❤. When lying on the belly, a child has to bend his/her back and keep head well.
❤. Absence of neurological and orthopedic diseases, and inflammation of the skin where it contacts with the exerciser.

Why you need a Jumper:
✔ Jumper is used for the physical development of the baby
✔ It is a fun toy (while baby is jumping, parents may relax)
✔ It trains vestibular apparatus, strengthens cardiovascular system, improves coordination of movements
✔ It is used for treatment of the reduced muscle tone and rehabilitation of children after injuries
✔ Child gets rid of excess energy, becomes calm, better eats and sleeps
✔ Jumping is a preparation step for such sports as roller skates, skis, bicycles and other


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