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Name Stamp Australia

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21 reviews

The Best Name Stamp Australia

Worldwide Free Shipping, including Australia 

No garment will be left without identification!

ship to name stamp australia name stamps australia omg

💯 100% Customisable
😀  High-quality material
🌸 Non-toxic
👍 Includes ink for up to 3000 markings
🧼 Washable for up to 50 times by hand or washing machine
🤝 Works on dark and thin fabric
🎁 FREE Gifts and Free shipping
🏝️ Easier, cleaner and more user-friendly
💵 15-day money-back guarantee
❤️ No risk trial

🔥 92% customers bought 2 or more 🔥
Buy 2 or more name stamp australia,
Get FREE Name Stickers (80pcs) for each stamp.

🆘 Lost Track of Your children's Clothes Again?

Have trouble in making and identifying all the clothes and belongings of your baby?
Have trouble in identifying all the belongings of your children or the whole family?

Or what about school supplies? Books, notebooks, folders and more - how many times have you had your child lose a book because they swapped it with a classmate or forgot it at school?

💡 We Are Here To Solve It! Get Rid of Headache

Meet GoGoMum™ name stamp australia.
Try Our name stamp australia, it's a must have for labeling kids' clothes and belongings.
Identify all your little ones' clothes with our fabulous name stamps.
Never Lose or Mix Them Again !

name stamp australia name stamps australia

🧙🏻‍♂️ You'll Have Everything Marked As If By Magic!

When the school season arrives, it's also time to identify all the clothes and books of the little ones in the house. But it doesn't have to be a nightmare anymore, now with fully personalized name stamps, you'll have all the clothes, notebooks and books marked so easily and quickly, it will be like magic.

It allows for easy identification and marking of garments. The ink can adhere perfectly to different surfaces so it won't matter if you want to mark a t-shirt, a hoodie, or a book.

how to use name stamp

 👍 GENIUS Parent Hack

Stamp Name in One Second.
Makes labeling kid's clothes a breeze.
The perfect solution to say goodbyeto your little ones' mixed up or misplaced clothes.

These name stamps australia have proven to be the fastest and most practical way of all. Not only that, they come in colorful and fun presentations.

how to use name stamps

“Came out perfectly! Super cute ! I used clothing label stamp to label my toddler's clothes and blankets and the inked has maintained perfectly after several washe! ”-Rita

✨ Features of Name Stamp Australia

✅ Quick and Clean
You only need to choose the place where you want to stamp it and that's it!
Can be used on different surfaces.
Print well. No smudges.

✅ Washable and Long-Lasting
Remain in perfect condition after washing
The ink stays on the clothing for up to 50 washes.
Need to wait 24 hours later.

it can be washable

✅ Reusable and Environmental friendly
GoGoMum™️ name stamp australia can be used about 3000 times.
You can re-fill the stamp with ink so you avoid plastic waste.

✅ Adorable Designs & Completely Customizable
Our name stamps are available in a wide variety of styles that will capture even your child's heart ! You can also choose the the icons you want to go with the names.

gogomum name stamp

The adorable designs are made with the different personalities of your little ones in mind. We offer a lot of fun designs so you can not only make quick work of it but also involve the kids in the process so they can identify their garments quickly, even if they can't read.

✅ Quality is Guaranteed
The name stamp australia is made of the best quality plastic and is also resistant.

High-density rubber is used so that the name has maximum definition whether on fabric or paper.You won't have to go to great lengths to get your items properly stamped.

Although our name stamps australia guarantee a uniform inking, we recommend that you do it on a flat surface for best results.

🎁 Time Limited Free Gifts with Name Stamp Australia

  • 50cm(20in) white printing Tape
  • 1PC clothing stamp storage bag or box 

When you purchase name stamp australia from GoGoMum™️, you get free gifts from us.
We want to say thank you for supporting a small business! ❤️

You Can Use Name Stamp on Black &Thin Clothes 

Our name stamps australia come with a white thermo-adhesive tape, ideal for using the stamp on dark or thin garments.

Using it will also be like magic:

  • Cute the tape
  • Iron it on Clothes
  • After it cools off, stamp on it

how to use name stamp for clothes gogomum name stamp on dark clothes

😃 Why Choose GoGoMum Name Stamp Australia?

Our aim is to offer a product that makes it easier to recognize clothes and other everyday objects and at the same time offers a beautiful, high-quality design that children will love... and parents too!

Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why all orders come with a 15-day money back guarantee. If the product does not meet your expectations, you can return it and get refund.

If you are worried that your child will mess up or lose things at school or home, you must stamp names which is very convenient. GO GO MUMS! Your Kids Will Love This!

Whether you need to label clothing for camp, school, or daycare. Our name stamp is the fastest solution. Shop for name stamp australia at the best online shopping store.

gogomum name stamp for clothes name stamper clothing label stamp

So, don't hesitate! Let our name stamps australia work their magic on every garment of the spoiled of the house and forget about spending a lot of time identifying their clothes.

Welcome the magic with our name stamp australia!

What's Included?

  • 1x GoGoMum™ name stamp for clothes (Pre-inked, can be used 3000 times)
  • 20in of white tape (for printing on black & thin clothes)
  • 1x clothing label stamp storage bag(random style) or box
  • 15-day money back guarantee

    FAQ about Name Stamps

    Is name stamp australia safe?

    Yes. We use natural ink, you have nothing to worry about:)

    Does it fade after washing?

    Our unique ink for name stamp australia is waterproof. It lasts up to 50 washes without fading! Once stamped, we recommend waiting 24 hours before washing the garment.

    What if the name stamp australia run out of ink?

    Don't worry,we send a 5ml refill ink to you as a gift for each stamp.

    Can I use name stamp australia on thin clothes?

    Yes. You can stamp on thin clothes with our name stamp australia. However, we recommend using the FREE 20in white tape that comes with every order to prevent ink from passing through the clothes.

    Can I use name stamp australia on dark clothes?

    Yes, you can stamp on dark clothes with our name stamp australia.

    How many letters can I put on the name stamp australia?

    You can enter up to 15 letters. 

    The fewer letters you use, the better the name will look on the stamp.

    We support all languages, special letters (é, â, etc.), numbers and symbols.

    How many days do I need to receive the name stamp australia?

    We Ship Worldwide
    Our shipping times are 7-15 business days.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews

    Great stamp! Super cute and easy to use! Came in handy for labeling!


    I cant say enough good things about these stamps. It has made my life so much easier.These are clear, crisp, and do not wash out. Amazing!


    The lettering is lovely and bold exactly how I imagined. It works well on most fabric,its worth the investment though and will be of use.


    Professional as always! It's my second purchase and their items are flawless


    Super sweet stamp that is applied directly to clothing and holds well even after washing. Are super satisfied, thank you very much!