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Reusable Cute Cartoon Mosquito Killer Bracelet

$19.90 $47.90

Reusable Cute Cartoon Mosquito Killer Bracelet

Do you think your kids are in the safe region from mosquitoes?¬† ūüĒ•

You Need This Mosquito Killer Bracelet¬† ūüĎć

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals in the world! They cause millions of deaths around the world every year because of their ability to carry and spread diseases to humans. From time to time some kids could experience a large local reaction that was derived from the mosquito saliva. Kids with this unwanted syndrome could have VERY large swelling that could last 1~2 days. In the worst case, kids with Skeeter Syndrome could have their entire arm/leg swelling that could bruise and even lead to the blistering!

Features of This Mosquito Killer Bracelet

  • Enriched in natural plant formula essential oil, safe and non-toxic, with fresh smell, both suitable for the pregnancy and babies.
  • Anti-mosquito bites, Effective against mosquitoes, Simple to use.
  • Flashlight type, safer, and more secure to use at night or outdoors.
  • It has a long standby time, can be used for about 30 days continuously.
  • Cute cartoon animal printed pattern, very lively and lovely, suitable for babies and kids to wear.
  • Adjustable wrist band, soft and comfortable to wear, fits for most people.

Package Includes:
1 x Kids Bracelet
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Reusable Cute Cartoon Mosquito Killer Bracelet