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Never Drop Silicone Teething Toy

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38 reviews

😟 Teething: Such An Exciting and Painful Milestone!

baby sucks his fingers

As your little one's pearly whites make their grand arrival, along with teething symptoms like crying, drooling, ear-pulling, and irritability. Merging teeth can pressure a baby's gums, leaving them feeling sensitive, tender, and swollen (ouch!).

💡 Looking for Teething Relief for Your Little One?

Thankfully, a teething toy can be the perfect solution and distraction to help your baby cope with teething aches and pains.

Soft and chewy, GoGoMum teether toys give teething babies comfort and relief.

❤️ Features of Panda Silicone Teething Toy

gogomum Never Drop Silicone Teething Toy

  • Breast feeling design
  • Easy for babies to hold
  • Get the job done,relieve teething Pain& Discomfort
  • Helps develop motor skills from an early age
  • Non-toxic
  • BPA, latex, and phthalate free
  • Suitable for steam & water sterilisation
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Soft and flexible
  • Easy to Clean
  • Wearable and never fall
  • ✨ Why This Silicone Teething Toy is Top Rated

    Perfect alternative to finger sucking and chewing, recommended by pediatricians.

    Never Drop Silicone Teething Toy

    Made with soft food-grade silicone, which is BPA-free, and safe for the baby.

    Stem inside the panda makes it easy for baby to hold.

    Prevent your baby from biting, sucking and chewing fingers.
    effectively solve your baby's desire to suck his thumb during teething and help your baby grow up healthily.

    Effectively relieve baby's teething pain.
    can improve baby's teeth biting ability, and help stimulate gum and teeth growth.

    Nipple straight head to mouth when wear on the waist.
    When they hold a toy, will head straightly to mouth, the nipple part is designed this way, so that the baby will be able to suck on the nipple very easily.

    babies love Teething Toy

    "My baby is almost 4 months and he loves this toy.Son sucks his fingers and I wanted something to take the place of them.He never accepted a pacifier. I was pleasantly surprised when my son took to it right away! He even reached for it when I have it not on his hand. I've had 4 kids and I wish I had known about this product sooner."-Alisha

    🌸 Specificaitons

    Age: For babies over 3 months
    Material: 100% Food Grade Silicone
    Note: Wash before use. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

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    Some Happy Customers

    gogomum happy customers teether toy

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews

    Great product. My daughter is 4 months and teething, chews everything! This item is soft but durable, no loose pieces ( the nose and face are all one piece with body just different colored) and I like it can fit on her hand since she has a tendency to drop things easily


    Cute teether that babies enjoy!


    My baby absolutely loves it! Shes only 3 months. She never liked pacifiers but would suck on hands for self soothing this has been a win for us the texture is a plus!


    The silicone is super soft. I consider this cute and engaging. This is easy for the baby to grab and hold onto. It has no sharp edges or parts that can fall off. For the most part, this is perfect as a teether and is one solid piece. As is typical, always supervise when the baby is using this. This is rated for 5 months and above.


    This teether is great! My baby has had many teethers, but she always preferred to chew on her hand. This made a great alternative. My baby never had an issue of holding onto this teether as well!